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Negaunee Holds Gladstone to Less than 70 pts in a 62-52 Loss


Negaunee, MIFebruary 16, 2021 – The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball team took to the court Tuesday evening against the Gladstone Braves with a 1 and 2 record for the season. It was a close game, and for the first time all season, Gladstone was held to less than 70 points, but still beat the Miners 62-52. Jesse Anderson had the call live from Negaunee on Sunny 101.9.

1st Half
First Quarter
Johnson with first points of the night 2-0 Negaunee. Tied up 2-2 with 6:16 to go. Luokkala up for 2, Negaunee’s up 4-2. Gladstone ties it 4-4. Luokkala again for 2, Negaunee 6-4. Potier for Gladstone, 6-6. 12-6 Gladstone at the end of the 1st Quarter.

Second Quarter
Luokkala is the first the foul line and made one and missed one, 12-7 Gladstone. Gladstone scores on the rebound. Johnson for a 3, 14-10 Gladstone. Luokala scores twice, narrowing the gap to 16-14 Gladstone. Luke goes to the line for 2, tied game. Potier for 2, 18-16. Jacobetti to the line, makes 1, 18-17 Gladstone. Luokala for 2, Negaunee has the lead 19-18. Kelly for 2, 20-19 Gladstone at the end of the half. Luokala leading in scoring for the Miners with 11 points for the half.

2nd Half

3rd Quarter
Potier scores the first points of the half 22-19 Gladstone. Hughes scores 24-19, Miners trail. Johnson for 3 2 Hughes for 2 Johnson for another 3, 26-25 Gladstone. Gladstone scores 28-25. Castor scores, 30-25 Gladstone. Luke for 2 twice, 30-29. Luokala makes 1 from the line and ties the game. Castor for 3, 33-30 Gladstone. Luokala for 2, 33-32, Miners down 1. Hughes for 2, 35-32 Gladstone. Potier for 2, 37-32 Gladstone by 5 at the end of the 3rd.

4th Quarter
Johnson for his fourth 3 of the night 37-35. Castor to the line for 2, 39-35. Luokala for 2, tied game. Castor scores, 44-37. Johnson for 2 44-39. Luokala to the line for 1 to make it a 2 point game. Ballard for 2, 48-44. Castor for 2, Negaunee down 6. Luke goes to the line for three shots, he makes 2 of 3. Gladstone for 2. Johnson for 3 and it’s a 3 point ballgame 52-49 with seconds on the clock. Miners tie it up at the buzzer with another 3 from Johnson.

Hughes for 2 54-52 Gladstone. Potier for 2 56-52 and Luokala fouls out sending him to the line. Luke fouled out as well sending Ballard to the line. 58-52 Gladstone. Ballard to the line for 2 more, 60-52 Gladstone. Ballard for 2, ten point lead for the Braves. Miners fall to the Braves 62-52. This is the first time all season Gladstone’s been held to less than 70 points. Negaunee Miner are 1 and 3 for the season.

The Negaunee Miners boys basketball team will be back on Sunny 101.9 Thursday to host the Marquette Redmen. Catch the Pre-Game Show with Mark Evans at 6:45pm and the full game broadcast starting at 7:15pm. To see the full season broadcast schedule, visit the official Miners Sports Page.

LISTEN – Negaunee Miner Boys fall to the Gladstone Braves 62-52


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