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I Fell in (biscuit) LOVE in Nashville Tennessee

I died and went to Hamven
I died and went to Hamven

Biscuit Love, Nashville Tennessee – First off, you must understand my love of everything pork.  Any type, any cut, any time – I want it… and I found perfect porky bliss downtown Nashville this past weekend.  My wife Cori and I looked online for a breakfast place and stumbled upon Biscuit Love.  B.L., originally a food truck soon grew in popularity requiring a brick and mortar location to sustain the demand.

We though perfect, and were soon on our way.  Winding through downtown Nashville, we past the Country Music Hall of Fame, Johnny Cash exhibit, multiple music stores, BBQ joints and bars already setting up live music for the day.  We found Biscuit Love and made out way in.  Immediately greeted with the smell of freshly squeezed orange juice and of course, ham… I was suddenly starving!

Cori ordered the Southern Benny (biscuit, sausage gravy, ham and eggs) – Incredible!  After one fork full and I now understood their namesake.  But, being the pork guy that I am… I went for the pork platter, sampling 4 distinguished and very different hams.

The Line Up
The Stars of the Show

The Line Up (Lower left going clockwise):

  • BENTON’S – 13 Month from Madisonville, TN
  • FATHER’S – 16 Month from Bremen, KY
  • THE HAMERY – 24 Month from Murfeesboro, TN
  • WOODLANDS PORK – From 2011 and Lousville, KY

Each Had a distinct flavor and texture.

Benton’s was like the best “Normal” ham I’d ever tasted. Smokey, a little salty, packed with tons of flavor and that nice ham texture.

Father’s was out of this world and almost melted in your mouth, Cori and I joked about it being Liquid Ham! (But not in a gross way).  This was also on her Southern Benny.

The Hamery was my favorite.  Great texture with a long term cured salt flavor balanced in every bite.  Oh, if I could only have a hammy sammy with this on it right now, yummy!

Woodlands Pork was the most interesting and not for the faint of heart.  Costing $14/oz… I only tried a small amount, but it goes down as a truly amazing ham.  It started the curing process back in 2011 and was almost like ham jerky, being the driest on the platter.  The smokey and salt flavors were deep down into every fiber and the taste was almost musky in a great aged meat way!  All I can say is – Wow!

If you ever make it to Nashville, let Biscuit Love in the running for you affection and you won’t be disappointed.  I’ll be back for my pork fix next time I find myself in Nashville.


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