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Cribbage Scoring For The Forgetful

Bicycle Playing Cards
Playing cards.

After I get out of work on Monday, my usual Monday night is spent out Ishpeming at an old friend’s house as we play games and listen to music hanging out.  This will last until about 5 a.m., which can sound a bit crazy but because I work afternoons it’s not THE worst thing in the universe.

This week though, my friend, his wife and I battled each other and our brains as we pulled out a cribbage board for the first time in a few years.  What ensued was some hilarity as we all argued about what certain points were.

SO, for them, myself, and anyone else who might have forgotten a bit of the scoring:

-Knobs is 1 point

-Two of a kind is 2, three of a kind is 6, and four of a kind is 12 points.

-Getting a 15 is 2 points.

-And where we got caught up, a run of card is 1 point per card, and a double run is just that doubled.


Next time let’s hope we remember some of the scoring!


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