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Recording A Homegrown Record In The U.P.-Vocals In South Range


For this post we get to record what most people focus on when they listen to a recording….


We had about a month between the guitars and the vocals because I had to find time off from work to get over to the Houghton area.  In that time Matt had moved to his father’s house, and that’s where we were going to record the vocals.  We blocked off three days for recording, it’s much better to overestimate how much time you think it will take.

For the purposes of having a low-fi-ish sounding recording.  I decided it would be fun to record Matt’s vocals through a Shure SM57.  I love my SM57, if you look them up, they are about $100 and can be used to record anything.  Best of all, they are indestructible.  If the world ends, there will be cockroaches, Cher, and SM57s still around.

Some audio people are probably freaking out right now.

Matt was on his game for the recording, and he took about one or two takes to get his parts right.  After getting the basic parts down, we moved to getting some extra parts that weren’t neccessary but seemed fun to do, like doubling.  In some recordings you can get a richer vocal sound by having them sing the part twice.  I will say that I love doubling.


Really it's not exciting to watch, but I kept saying "Double that" over and over.

After Matt did his parts the first two days we were finished and then Matt wanted me to sing a song.  I asked for lyrics and I got the response “Come tomorrow and I’ll have them.”


"Hey, give me about ten minutes.."

So in all, I did my vocals the next day.

And that my friends, is the bulk of the recording for the album.  So far we got the main vocals, guitars, bass, and drums.  Right now we are waiting on a few extra parts from a friend for a few songs. But I’ve been tackling mixing the songs that are finished.  For the next post we head into the underbelly of mixing!


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