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Recording A Homegrown Record In The U.P.-Shredding Guitars In Houghton


In this week’s post, we get to the next step, which is guitars…and has a ton more pictures!

After the drums were put down, we waited a few weeks until I got a few days off on a weekend and I came back up to Houghton for the guitars and some bass to be put down.

First thing, is that usually the bass-lines would be put down first in many recordings.  They were not because as Jake the bassist said “I’m not a bassist” and also Matt knew the songs inside and out.  It was much better of a choice to go with someone who could get the first instrument down easier than someone who can’t.

After showing up, unloading, setting up the computer, we finally got to the fun of setting up the guitar.  We were lucky that Matt’s room had a nice corner that isolated his guitar sound from anything else in the room.


I set up two microphones on the amp and with some new equipment I was able to make each mic it’s own track.  So when we’d record a guitar, it was recorded twice.  The overall sound was really good.  As Matt put it “It sounds huge!”  A funny thing happened during the setup though.  There are two speakers in that cabinet for the amp.  I hunch down with mics and the conversation goes:

“Hey Matt, does the bottom speaker work?”

“Beats me…I thought it did”

“Well play something……nope it doesn’t at all!”


"Time to mic the top speaker only."

The recording went well, and within two days, all of the leads and rhythms were done.  Matt did mostly everything in one take.  I can’t say enough how much I was surprised how fast it went.  After the guitars we had the bassist Jake play some of his lines.  We got about half of the songs, and the plan was for me to do the rest of them back at my place.


Left to Right: Tony, Matt (guitar) and Jake. It's not really that exciting to watch.

And with that, the next post gets to be vocals and Matt father’s house!


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