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Recording A Homegrown Record In The U.P.-Drumming In Houghton


The first thing to any album, was discussion with the band (in this case, my friend Matt.)  What’s to discuss?  The general sound of the album and mainly how we were going to actually go about recording.

The first thing we needed were, obviously, drums.

Luckily things fell easily on the planning end and on a snowy weekend in March I went to Houghton for a day of recording drums.  The drums were setup in a basement and Matt played his guitar into a headphone amp so there would be no guitars in the drum mix.  I put up four microphones and had them go into a mixer and then the signal from the mixer was put into the computer.  So the drums were mixed right there.  I would have loved to have multi-tracked the drums, which is when each microphone goes to a separate track, but I was about two weeks late on getting the necessary equipment.  Oh well I say, the drums still sound great.

Not the best picture, but it was the only one capturing this awesome drumming.

Our friend Dan played the drums and within two hours we had all thirteen songs recorded. Matt and I couldn’t be happier.


Here’s a clip:


It’s not the most perfect sound, but it’s a great start.  And with that, next post is when I go back to Houghton to record guitars in Matt’s bedroom.


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