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2011 Allergy, Pollen Season in Upper Michigan is the worst in years. Mark Evans’ sensible, affordable and natural prevention tip


Sniffling, snorting, hacking, snoring, no sleep for days?  Allergy season has been, so far, one of the worst in recent memory in Upper Michigan, and around the country.

With all the possible enemies in our North Woods; Birch, Pine, Dandelions and the like…it’s hard to know what to do to fight of the pollen and feel normal again.

Mark Evans of Sunny 101.9 WKQS’s Mark and Walt in The Morning has been hit and hit hard this year…but even with that he offers a simple solution that provides some relief; and may help you or someone you love.

Find a Netti Pot at any local retailer and use it several times a day.  This simple system uses Saline (Mark makes his own using warm water and Kosher Salt) to flush out the sinuses and limit the amount of swelling caused by the pollen in your nose.  A decent one will run you anywhere from $18.00 – $30.00.

This safe and reliable system isn’t a cure, but will surely go a long way in cleaning you out…once you get used to the odd sensation of having your nose full of warm water…

Keep your home well vacumed and do what you can to limit the amount of outside activities until things get better!  Your sleep partner will thank you…


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