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Golf in The Upper Peninsula. Mark Evans’ simple tools to maximizing your golf game in 2011

A good walk needn't be spoiled

Realizing he wasn’t that good of a golfer after all really helped Mark Evans of WKQS-FM’s Mark and Walt in The Morning actually improve his game.

Golf season in the Upper Peninsula is too short to be worrying about working endlessly on your swing to correct problems.  These simple tips will help you hit it straight and under control this season.

CALM DOWN!  Too many golfers feel they need to swing out of their shoes to hit the ball.  It’s all in the tempo and technique.  Slow down and don’t swing so hard; you’ll be pleased with the result.

Use the equipment you paid for.  Meaning:  A golf club is really the only thing designed to hit a golf ball; so trust in your gear.  Let the club do the work.

Relax.  Too many golfers hit the course trying to be Tiger Woods instead of trying to play their own game.  Realizing you’re not that great, and no one is expecting you to be, should help you enjoy the experience.  The old saying still applies:  “A bad day of golf beats a good day at work.”

Golf is supposed to be fun.  Approach it that way and you’ll be amazed at the improvement to your game.


  1. Good advise. I will use this next time around. Despite swiging too hard and being a bit stressed, I still B.T. by 4 last time.


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