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Sleep Deprivation during the Summer and how to get a good nights’ sleep


One of the few drawbacks to working Morning Radio are the hours of daylight during the summer.  It’s difficult to get a solid nights’ sleep when the sun is out until 10:30, and all the neighbor kids are playing in your driveway.  Here are a few hints that will help you deal with sleep during the summer months.

Darken your room.  Am effective way of doing this is to hang a black plastic yard bag in the window.  This will block out the light, but is lightweight enough to allow air-flow if the window is open.

Stay hydrated….but NOT with beer.  Plenty of water keeps your system on track and helps your body relax.  Not to mention, it cools you from the inside during a hot spell.

And the most important, wind-down before attempting to go to sleep.  It’s true that reading or listening to music will help clear your head before attemting to shut down for the night.  Give yourself at least 30 mintues to an hour of down-time.

A fan will keep the room cooler and provide a little White Noise too.

Happy Dreams!


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