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Dead River Storage Basin Fire Works danced in the sky sponsored by the board of Dead Rivers Campers Inc.


Negaunee TownshipJuly 2, 2011 – The DeadRiverCampersInc.com board sponsored the first ever sanctioned fireworks display just south of Pride Rock near Turtle Island on Dead River Basin.


The first big fireworks blast July 2 on the Dead River


The fireworks were great over the Dead River


Opps- my flash came on, but this is kinda cool too on the Dead

$5,000 was put up by the board for a serious class of fireworks.

Shouts of glee, boat horns, has, and peanut gallery yeahs filled the basin. Dozens of campers and boaters enjoyed 20minutes of continuous fireworks action.

“Only $1,000 has come in donations from the 395 campers of the Dead”, said board member and Ishpeming Chamber Of Commercial President Bruce Turino. “We hope the campers and boaters that have enjoyed this will mail some money in” said Turino.

Lite winds from the West moved some of the residue smoke from the shots near the Turtle Island area of the basin, Eastward to UPPCO’s dam and power generation facility.

One skeptical neighbor said, “Watch out for some tipsy boaters. What  if one miss fires and falls on the boaters. Some might be swimming. What if they  get run over as other boaters leave in the dark.”

None of these “What if’s” happened. As the 20 spectacular minutes ended, and boaters slowly went home in the dark, all went well. Being skeptical and making negative comments was not worth the effort.

All that viewed agree the Dead River Campers Inc.board investment was well worth it.

It is my opinion those that enjoyed the display should donate so the board can do it in 2012. Send your donation envelope into The DeadRiverCampersInc.com board.


Double double images with the water reflecting on the Dead…very nice.


Everybody was safe during the 1st Board sanction fireworks July 2 2011


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