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Milwaukee Tool Drops Off The AX, a Newly Designed Wood Cutting Sawzall Blade with a New Fang Tip and New Nail Guard Teeth


"The AX" – Milwaukee's New Improved Sawzall Blade

Marquette June 16, 2011 –  Milwaukee’s tool rep dropped off some samples of the all new “AX Sawzall blade” with a new Fang Tip and new teeth design called Nail Guard.

Who would have thought these nasty, ruthless little “cut it all blades” could get any tougher?

Examining this sample blade the rep gave me, it’s got this sharp Fang-tip for easier plunging into wood, walls, or drywall surfaces that just need to go.

The teeth are closer too so they will cut a nail versus rip it. When basic blades hit the nail it ends up ripping the teeth off ruining the blade. The AX is designed to cut nails like they are butter and still retain it’s teeth.

I understand that the Milwaukee Tool Rep. is dropping off samples of this new blade across the U.P. from Iron Mountain to Newbwery, Menominee to Marquette. I was fortunate enough to be in line for one.

I usually don’t buy Milwaukee blades, but now that I have mine, I look forward to trying this new Sawzall blade on a building renovation I’m attempting today.

Maybe I’ll go with the AX in the future. What do you think about the design of this blade?


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