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Podium Solid Wood White Ash Podium for Sale


Here is a beautiful custom real wood White Ash Podium for sale. This is not made from plastic or acrylic or a small table top piece. This is a bold, Presidential or Ambassador series Podium perfect to deliver your sermons with confidence. This is a stand alone solid wood piece that’s attractive and unique in design.

Before you scroll through the pictures, Please CLICK here and listen to the designer, the original artist own words, on this beautiful Podium creation in solid wood White Ash.

Podium Comments from Builder Mp3

Stand at View White Ash Podium

This is beautiful White Ash

2nd Sand At View

I like this White Ash Podium

I like this scripture

This is a good scripture

This would look nice on a church platform

This would look great on your platform

What an awesum piece of furniture

A carpenter in Milwaulkee estimated the value to be 5-7,000 dollars

This Podium looks stately.

The Podium would be nice to teach from

The are handy shelves

These would hold your Bible or water or cd player etc.

The Podium weighs over 100 pounds. It has a few scratches that are minor. To make it perfect again, after shipment, there are a few of the putty points on the sunken nails that will need to be refilled with lite wood putty once the Podium is reset in it’s new home.

I am not asking for $7,000.00, or $5,000.00 like the carpenters suggested. All I am seeking is $2,277.00 which includes FREE delivery. Once we arrive at a fair deal; I am fussy about shipping. So I wish to crate it and wrap it for safety. I will personally ship it to you, or I will pay for it to be shipped common carrier to your church or facility.

For more information, please email me questions to toddnoordyk@uplogon.com. Or please Call my cel at 906-361-3325, Marquette, Michigan

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