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A Look At Local Races and Guests Dan Benishek and Robert Schostak This Morning On InTheRightMind


June 2 2012-

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Today’s show was a look at local races as well as guests U.S. Representative Dan Benishek and Michigan GOP Chairman Robert Schostak.


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The local elections are starting to shape up and will begin to heat up.  With the heating up, lies and stupid will be said and cause people to be riled up for no reason.  An example was people protesting against a cut in veteran funding, which wasn’t even going to happen anyways.  Make sure to do your research before taking up arms on an issue.


U.S. Representative Dan BenishekGuest U. S. Representative Dan Benishek

U.S. Representative Dan Benishek called in from his home today to give an update on the latest in Washington D.C.  The House recently just passed a budget and stabilized the tax code to help cut down on regulations.

Last time he was on the show he was on the 100 businesses in 100 days tour and had been busy finishing that up that trip listening to people within the state.  Lots of businesses were telling him that regulations were costing businesses and that keeps them from hiring more people.  He personally knows the cost of business and business regulations from his own private practice.  Some businesses are finding it easier to pay a penalty stemming from regulations rather than pay for employee’s health insurance.  Lots of the businesses that he’s been visiting are family owned businesses.

Chairman Schostak chatted with Rep. Benishek then about if there has been any words from local businesses about the actions in Lansing.  People were pointing to the abolishment of the business tax that helped keep costs down and he hoped that Washington would be able to do the same.  They both agreed that there is hope that Washington could take a lesson from the things that Lansing has been doing.

Caller Question To Rep. Benishek

The caller asked what the implications would be if the House of Representatives brought an indictment against Harry Reid for refusing to pass a budget for the past three and a half years.

Benishek said that there is nothing that the House can do really and that decision is up to the Justice Department.  The best way to work around the issue though is to have the Republicans take the Senate though.

Michigan GOP Chairman Robert SchostakMichigan GOP Chairman Robert Schostak

Michigan GOP Chairman Robert Schostak came in this morning to talk on what’s been going on in Michigan.  It’s been only a year and a half since the GOP has been in power and there have been a lot of changed.  Lots of the things have been passed in Lansing.  A budget that reduced the deficit, lowering taxes and simplified the tax code as well.  The result of these changed has led to a reduction in the unemployment rate.

Michigan is now outpacing national growth and personal income growth.  The budget once again passed, with it being balanced and with a tax reduction.  The goal with all these changes is to make the state open and better to businesses.  This hits locally with the mines in the area, as the idea is to let the mines get permits quicker so they can possibly re-open.

A GOP Victory Center opened here in Marquette, which is one of 26 in Michigan.  These centers will be involved with local elections, and working all the way up to national elections.  These centers are for issues and races to help give information and encourage people to vote.

Local Election Races

With a turn to local election races this year, the GOP is expecting a harder push this year from the Democrats, the GOP hold three of the four seats in the UP for the State House of Representatives.  Schostak said the most overall goal is the keep the state house GOP.  If not, the state reinvention that has been going on for the past 18 months will slip into neutral.

Looking at the Michigan Supreme Court election, it’s important to know which candidate is conservative and which are not, as all are technically independent.  This can be done by some research on their decisions and through the GOP party.

Next Week!

Stay tuned for next week as all four candidates for the 109th Michigan District will be on the show!


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