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In The Right Mind – Sound Off Saturday – Topics from the Past


Wild Hogs, Political Editorials, Jim Bushy’s Compassion for Veterans.

This week on In The Right Mind we wanted to spend additional time on some topics we’ve talked about in the past few weeks and give the opportunity for anyone to call in and talk about a topic that’s important to them.

Dan discusses UP Issues this week

Jim Bushy joined us today to talk about Veterans and his involvement with the Vets here in Marquette.  As an ordained minister Bushy really tries to connect with the younger Veterans and helps lead them spiritually and acts as a positive role mode.  Jim is also the only Sanctioned official for the UP’s Mixed Martial Arts Program.

Additional Information can be found here:  Mixed Martial Arts

Caller #1:  Teressa.  Was happy to be on the air this morning.  Her husband is a Vietnam Veteran and was glad to hear Bushy’s side.  She addressed the editorial published in the Mining Journal yesterday that looked at a few political items.

Also talking about Unions and Union workers Dan and Jim Agree and are both Pro Union Worker but Anti Union Leaders.  Also in agreement on apprenticeships being a very viable path to obtain the necessary training and skill set to get through life.  Jobs that are in the “Trade” classification are being looked down upon and College along with it’s debt being the only option.  It takes all kinds to make the world go round.  And many areas of life depend heavily on the “Trades”. The burden also falls on the business of American, our companies, and the individual, not on Tax payers to support the Educational process.


Caller #2:  Greg Johnson from Bear Mountain.  Called this morning to give an update and talked about the Wild Pig Invasive Species Issue.  He brought up a farmer downstate that was forced to remove or destroy all of the hogs on his hunting farm.  This farmer complied with the mandate.  However the farms in the UP are planning to fight the new laws and sue the state.  We had a good laugh about fencing and the DRN not being in the business of Fences… Dan feels there are certain fences that will hold Hogs and challenges anyone to disagree.

Greg feels the DNR should focus on wild animals and not on farming or livestock.  These are Heritage breed – ear tagged pigs…  Not Wild, Feral, Hogs.

Checkout Greg’s Website right Here:  Bear Mountain

More information about the issue check out this website: Anyone Can Farm  Please take a look and Donate if you feel lead.


Click Here to listen to this weeks Show: In The Right Mind

Join us Next week for another episode of In The Right Mind.  Featuring Dan Benishek.


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