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Global Warming and Guests Dan Benishek and Birch Smith This Morning On InTheRightMind


May 5, 2012-

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Today’s show talked on global warming and had guests Birch Smith and U.S. Representative Dan Benishek.







U.S. Representative Dan Benishek
U.S. Representative Dan Benishek

Talking With Dan Benishek

U. S. Representative Dan Benishek called from Traverse City this morning and is on his one hundred businesses in one hundred days tour listening to businesses.  Lots of the businesses he heard from were concerned about the new tax laws and regulations.  The businesses were concerned about the effect of the new health care law as well.

Lots of local businesses are not wanting to hire more people because the health care law takes effect on a business with more than 15 employees.  These businesses are also having to hire an attorney to figure out the new law as well.  Business create jobs, not the government.  It’s the government to foster a climate for business to succeed.

Benishek also goes against the idea of  do nothing Congress by talking about the activity in the house.  The house passed the budget in the house twice but it died twice in the Senate.  Also, there have been 28 different jobs bills that have died in the Senate as well.  Benishek also had a bill that encourages harvesting trees in the national forest.  This is in hopes of improving the timber industry in the upper peninsula.  As a result the new timber procedures are being written by the end of the year.

Benishek is trying to vote with the mind of the people of his voters.  He has been reading every bill thoroughly before voting and he is willing to listen to the people.  You can call his office at 202-225-4735 and he encourages this.  Also you can contact him on his website.


Rant #1 Audio


Ground near the wind farms are warming, which is suppose to help global warming.  A report pointed to warmer temperatures in the north, and arctic ice is disappearing and oceans will rise.  This report was made in 1922.  The United Nations made a committee to find evidence of man hurting climate change, rather than climate change in general.  The scientists omitted facts during the making of the report. After the report many of the scientists have asked to have their names removed after the report came out.  The claim is based on a little snippet of time rather the whole history of earth. The issue is money, money for research for scientists and money and power for the politicians in the United Nations.

Birch Smith

Smith, from Munising, got into the issue because he was naturally suspicious of the conclusions from politicians.  After researching the issue Smith says it’s a scheme for money and control.  Smith points to some people who are using issue for their own gain or own issue.  One group sees the issue to even out the economies of the world.

There have been lots of periods on earth that have been warmer in the past than current times.  There are 30 to 40 year oceanic oscillations that are more corresponding to temperature changes, while no real correspondence to CO2 levels.

Also using ice cores scientists are able to find out the temperatures of the past.  Finding out that our current temperatures are just above the last ice age.

Callers Today

Caller 1-Caller 1 felt that everyone should research completely everything in the reports.  She also questioned why the lake levels are so low.


  1. I am saddened to hear there is an attempt at population control in Melbourne, Australia. I am glad I don’t live there and that I don’t live in China where there is also population control.

    In the United States, there seems to be a trend of less marriages, and less births. The population is aging. It is predicted that soon, as these elders die, the remaining U.S. population will not be able to replace the vacancies in the labor force.


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