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Recall the Governor, Really? Dan Adamini Discusses the Odd Points of Recall


Governor Snyder is being recalled. I will discuss the recall reasons, my reasons to not recall him, and a couple of governor shortcomings.

Here are the reasons to sign the recall according to the folks recalling:
1. Re-callers say he is abusing children.  It’s such odd language and they’ve covered the facts with hyperbole
2. He robbed from the school aid fund and forced kids into bigger classes through making for more crowded class rooms
3.  He privatized services.  Re-caller, this is a very odd statement to wine about, because he allowed for bidding of services.  Now even though union dues are down, we still need to get the best deal for the state on services.  This isn’t attacking the unions.
4.  He has attacked teachers and blamed unions.  Re-callers, this is odd so say everyone is on attack like teachers, students, schools etc. Most teachers I know are excellent, but the Union leaders tend to create unrest and untruths. Are the union leaders really concerned about the best for the kids
5. He has hurt retires with taxes.  Re-callers, is this really true?  It seems pensions are mostly tax free in Michigan paying tax over 48,000 in income. Under the new law, state employees are being treated just as the rest of us. This seems like a fair way to treat all income.
6. The 80% tax cut to large corporations…The re-callers have forgotten that many companies have left Michigan with 8 years of bad government. When tax rates for businesses are cut, revenue increase for the state because business flourishes.  It’s just like Skopko running a sale. More activity always creates more profit. Taxes are no different.  When you raise taxes you get less of the activity which means less tax for the state. Raising taxes rarely leads to increases in revenue because of tax shelters that people go for. Every time you cut rates revenue goes up.
7. The emergency Manager law caused conflict says the re-callers.
8. He failed to pass a single law to help Michiganders get jobs. Re-caller, in just one year we are a;ready seeing positive results. This is ridiculous.
9. He cut state benefits from 20 to 16 weeks. This is one of the honest charges, but most don’t listen to the why.

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Dan’s Reasons not too recall Snyder
Under Snyder, there’s more jobs
Under Snyder, more people working businesses are coming to Michigan
Under Snyder, businesses are growing
He is turning health care around
Also, if you think he’s really doing a bad job, why lie about that in recall language?

Dan’s Two beefs with Snyder
1.  Inaction in the Wild Pig issue allowing a slaughter, he could stop this with a stroke of a pen.

2.  He’s trying to legislate behavior, If I want to be fat I can, or if I like beer it’s not the states business, unless they are paying for my healthcare or my food.

Dick Posthumus called in. He is the Senior Ad visor to the Governor.
1. He said the governor is excellent, a good communicator with god ideas
2. Unemployment is dropping
3. We moved Michigan from bottom 15 states with attractive taxes to top 15 in attraction to do business in.
4. We put a balanced budget in place by memorial Day
5. Got to get tax structure in order. We got rid of single business tax etc. and now we see jobs are being created and our unemployment rates are dropping. We’ve almost seen that our rate is equal with the national average and soon we’ll be below 8%. Governor Snyder’s polices are working to make Michigan healthier.
6. New business is coming and starting up. Everybody has to pay taxes because we need to keep roads and school going. But when they are out of sync, no jobs are created.  Then that’s a tax on people who work. That’s the worst tax of all. We are making significant headway. We must continue to create jobs.
7. Trying to work with the educational system that’s been in place for decades. You no longer have to have one teacher sit in front of 30 kids, but now they can work with technology and move ahead if they are able. On-line can launch the kids to learn faster if they are ready. There’s a bill now called Dual Enrollment so when the graduate from high school they could enter college maybe in their sophomore year saving the parent money. Dual Enrollment is grant based.
8. Michigan is a great state. We need to move forward, working together creating an environment where our kids want to stay here and have jobs here.
9. As far as the recall, we aren’t focusing on it so we are just moving forward on things to help the state and are directing our efforts there.
10 Our governor keeps moving straight ahead. He doesn’t come from a political background so he doesn’t look at the politics of the issues but what’s best for the state.
11. Dan asked, “How do you deal with the rocks being thrown at you?” Will these people come around to the good items?  The governor believes if he uses logic and moves forward and get things done, then the accomplishments and success will lead others to believe.
12. Emergency manager Law?  Are they trying to get rid of officials and unions?  No this is helping communities that are on the verge of bankruptcy help them get back on their feet. Schools, cities, communities, either bad decisions or out flow of population, now we have tools for a period of time to turn this around for that area. An emergency manager comes in and deals with the public bankruptcy till it gets back on its feet putting it back on it’s feet.


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