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New Law Signed In Public Act 53 – InTheRightMind.net


Marquette, MI – On a sunny Saturday morning IntheRightMind.net aired on Sunny 101.9 Saturday March 24th, 2012 with host Dan Adamini.   One Issue was discussed was Public Act 53.

School Districts having Union Dues Auto Deducted from their checks.   Should they be dealing with School Issues or Union Issues?  Dan says School Issues. This law, Public Act 53 prohibits a school district  from collecting union dues and places this responsibility on the teachers and staff members.

For more information on Dan’s Parody Songs check out www.parodyforyou.net


Our first caller this week didn’t want to be on the air but was so grateful for the show and that Dan is voicing Truths and bringing light to issues that truly affect us here in the UP.  She made mention of his songs being up there with Da Yoopers, what a compliment!

The Second caller this week just joined NMU as an adjunct professor, she is pro life, anti war and a Green party member.  Having just joined into the Teachers Union she’s formulating her views on these type of union issues and enjoyed the conversation on In The Right Mind.  Currently very Pro Union, but sees flaws in some with some of the leadership.\

Tune in Next Week for In The Right Mind and give us a call at 227-7777 to voice your opinion! For the recoding of this weeks show Click Here or look below on the In The Right Mind Page for all of the shows in the Audio Archive.


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