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Unionization and Communication Issues The Topics on InTheRightMind.net This Week


Marquette, MI – On a snowy Saturday morning the third week of IntheRightMind.net aired on Sunny 101.9 Saturday March 3rd, 2012 with host Dan Adamini.   Two issues were discussed which include the Forced Unionization of Daycare Workers and about how left the right can’t get along sometimes.

Dan Adamini IntheRightMind on WKQSFM

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4 Callers participated.
Caller #1 was against the unionization and how it was put in place.  He also gave details of the bill that put the union in place and said that there are actions that people can do to remove the union.

Caller #2 gave details on the Upper Peninsula congressmen and their ratings for the Tea Party and was also against the union.

Caller #3 discussed the Upper Peninsula results of the GOP primary.

Caller #4 believed even though that she disagrees with Dan on many issues, that there is a respect between them and that you can see the good in a person still.

Listen to the Show Here:

In the Right Mind on Sunny 1019 WKQSFM 3-3-2012


  1. To: Webmaster

    Theresa Scram

    There is so much violence in the world I try to use the word hate as
    little as possible. I prefer to describe the competition between
    parties as a difference of philosophy. I would wage a guess that you
    and I disagree over 75% of the time, but I respect you, Dan. I commend
    you for your courage in appealing the decision of the County
    Commission redistricting decision. It is obvious you really care about
    the citizens’ Constitutional rights of Equal Representation. In the
    state of California, the redistricting committee consists of regular
    citizens, no elected officials. If California can do it so can we here
    in Michigan. I suggest the PBS Newshour, Channel 13 at 7 p.m. on
    Fridays. David Brooks is known as the conservative liberals love. His
    liberal counterpart is Mark Shields.
    Brooks and Shields were just recognized for being the most civil
    political commentators in the media.

  2. I was caller #2 regarding the topic of “Forced Unionization of Daycare Workers.” The scorecard I referred to was put out by the Michigan Conservative Union, it grades to voting records of Michigan legislators on votes related to Labor Freedom & Essential Union Reforms in Michigan. Republican Sen. Howard Walker and Republican Rep. Matt Huuki each rank #1 in the Michigan Senate and House, while Sen. Tom Casperson (36th) and Rep. Ed McBroom (56th) both rank dead last among their colleagues in the Michigan House and the Senate. You can view the scores at the following link – http://www.michiganvotes.org/VotingIndex.aspx?ID=718


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