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10 Callers Participated on Sunny 101.9 Discussion on NMU Health Insurance with-holding and Marquette County Road 595


Marquette, MI – The inaugural show of IntheRightMind.net aired on Sunny 101.9 Saturday February 18, 2012 with host Dan Adamini.   Two issues were discussed which include NMU picketing regarding healthcare with-holdings and the proposed new County Road 595 in west Marquette County.

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Dan Adamini IntheRightMind on WKQSFM
Dan in the Studio for the inaugural episode of his new show

10 Callers participated.
Caller #1 commented that he and his wife recommend cutting the extra expenses out your personal budget so you can afford extra healthcare with-holding.

 Caller #2 said the the Marquette County master plan did not include a road on the west end of Marquette County.  It’s clearly a Kennecott Mine road.  There are more than just environmental groups opposed to it.

Caller #3 was in favor of the road, but proposed doing an official poll.

Caller #4 thought this was the Shopping Show and requested Trenary Old Country Rye Bread.

Caller #5 was very opposed to the new road, saying they may not find the proper ore base they are looking for, the disturbance may prove to be fruitless and we may not see any tax from the Kennecott Mine either.

Caller #6 was opposed to the road saying it affects homes, cottages, and camps with noise pollution with loud trucks, land disturbances.

Caller #7 say it’s going to happen we might as well get used to it.. the mine is here, with a new road property values will increase.

Caller #8 indicated that loggers have used the roads out there as is with heavy loads, we should just fix what we have.. straighten corners, add passing lane  to create less disturbance but better roads.

Caller #9 a Marquette Caller said parody song on Long and winding road was extremely offensive, violent, arrogant, insensitive with paving a road with protesters.  Her comments were shared with the show host and he agreed, saying he is considering toning down the “paving with protesters part down” although it is parody, which goes past reality.

Caller #10 called back and said even though he isn’t in favor of the road he very much enjoyed both songs including the second song about the road. He realized it was a parody song which goes over the top in a fun way, stretching the issues so we can chuckle even if we are opposed to it.  He also noted this new show is fantastic for Marquette County.  The is no show like it and he fully supports the effort even if he disagrees with some of the issues.

Listen to the Show Here:

In the Right Mind on Sunny 1019 WKQSFM 2-18-2012


  1. Hi Dan,

    Great job! Thanks for the opportunity to give voice to the local residents. It is always a joy to hear you sing, too.

    Good luck; may this new adventure bring you every success.

    By the way, we drink Folgers too because it’s one of the least costly. When I don’t have time to take my filled coffee mug from home with me, I stop at the Tu Kaluthia in the lower level of the Peter White Public Library. A large cup of robust coffee is $1.00.

  2. In response to caller #1: I work full-time as a secretary @ NMU, I made just under $20,000 last year; I have a house payment, car payment, student loan (I have a bachelors degree from NMU)and all of the utilities. I don’t have a land line but I do have a cell phone which my daughter added to her plan when my husband died (I pay my part.) What do you think I should cut back on? I don’t keep any lights on in the evening; I keep my heat down but I do need to heat the house. Cut back? Seriously? When you and your wife are out to dinner why don’t you two talk about what I should cut back on.

  3. I found your so-called parody song extremely offensive. If memory serves me correctly, a man was recently prosecuted for wanting to paint the Mackinac Bridge with the blood of Bart Stupak and his family. It is never “funny” to wish death upon anyone. Shame on you! And, I thought this was a “talk show” not a venue for you to try to showcase your mediocre musicianship.


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