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Farewell to 2014 and to SunnyFM from IN THE RIGHT MIND

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind
Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

Marquette, MIJanuary 3,2015 – Top Stories from 2014.. Most Requested Parody Songs.. Interview with Joe Barfield

Interview with Joe Barfield – Author of Moonshadow


This fictional book was written in 1987, and rewritten over time… but is eerily prophetic in some of its settings.  Joe also discussed similarities between past fallen empires and the current state of the United States.

Goodbye SunnyFM… Hello Fox Sports Marquette

IN THE RIGHT MIND has been on SunnyFM since February 2012… and replaying on 98.3 WRUP on Sundays.  Beginning 1/10/2015 we will be live on 105.1fm in Marquette County- Fox Sports Marquette Saturdays from 9-11am EST… and still replaying on 98.3 WRUP on Sundays from 9-11

You can still listen ANY TIME… ANYWHERE by going to www.intherightmind.net  and you can listen to the live stream on www.foxsportsmarquette.com

Some say my parody songs are a full contact sport – so this may be a good fit

It will be the same show… just a little higher on the dial… a little further to the right!

Find Parody Songs on Youtube by searching DJArightmind

Dan Adamini Interviews Today

In The Right Mind – Interview – Joe Barfield – Author of Moon Shadow – 010315.mp3

In The Right Mind – Full Show

In The Right Mind – FULL SHOW – 010315.mp3



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