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It’s Still Christmas – Enjoy the Season


Marquette, MIDecember 27, 2014 – Christmas Day is the Beginning of Christmas… Not the End!

Today I remind everyone that the Christmas Calendar (as we mark time in the USA) is not the same calendar used by most of the Christian World.  While we begin celebrating Christmas well before Christmas Day… Most of the world celebrates by preparing for Christmas (Advent to some) and the celebration begins Christmas Eve.  The season doesn’t End until Epiphany (celebrating the Magi -or Kings) – which is when MANY cultures exchange gifts.

With that in mind, I played Parody Christmas Carols again today.  You can listen to most of them on Youtube by clicking here, or searching Dan Adamini Christmas in the Right Mind.

I love the snow we receive in Upper Michigan.  That causes some to believe I am not in MY Right Mind!  The songs U.P. Winter and Snow is Falling are from my 1990 collection UPPER MICHIGAN.

Senator Tom Casperson called in to discuss road funding and briefly discussed the tragic mis-judgement   that led to wolves being put back on the endangered species list.  You can listen to the interview below.

Next Week… A Look back at 2014… be sure to send in your requests to hear your favorite parody songs from Last Years Topics!  Write to info@intherightmind.net



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