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Old Songs, New Topics, Thanksgiving Shopping…and One Angry Caller


Marquette, MINovember 22, 2014 – Sharpton, Obama, Ferguson & Bambi on Today’s Show

 Headlines – the Most Interesting 3 Minutes in Live Radio

In The Right Mind – Headlines – 112214.mp3

Listen to the beginning of the show… If I don’t offend you, be patient… I’ll get to you eventually!

Please DO NOT Shop on Thanksgiving Day!

If we all stay home on Thanksgiving Day, perhaps stores will stay closed next year.  Employees forced to work on this important holiday deserve a day off.  I am not a fan of boycotts, so I simply as you as an individual… Wait until Friday to shop… and BUY LOCAL… On-line is easy, but help local businesses pay local wages

Obama Executive Order – Barry says “I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Constitution”

President Obama is trying to convince people that those who oppose ILLEGAL immigration hate all Immigrants.  He, like most democrats also equate illegal immigration with Hispanics – doesn’t that seem a little RACIST?  Assuming that all illegals will vote democrat may be accurate…

I still think my solution is best… don’t look for them… deport those who commit crimes… BUT… NO CITIZENSHIP IF YOU’RE AN ILLEGAL

Songs that fit this topic:  No Constitution , Seeya Later Legislator , Walk Right Up , Run Run Run ’til the INS Takes Them Away , That’s Alright Obama


Al Sharpton Owes 4.5 Million in Back Taxes – Ferguson Protests Will Bring $

The Race-Baiting Opportunist brings in a lot of money with each protest… but doesn’t pay taxes?  Typical Leftist!  He supports the coming protests regardless of the Grand Jury.

Songs:  Al Sharpton , Michael Brown


PETA abducts and Kills a Dog – No Explanation?

A Family Dog was Taken & Euthanized by PETA… (Ethical Treatment of Animals?)

Song: If I Was A Liberal

 It’s Still Hunting Season… BAMBI BURGER BLUES.. watch video


One Angry Caller…

The woman who called was so angry she couldn’t go on air, but didn’t like my song DEVIL IN THE M.E.A.   The topic was prompted by a lawyer saying a 14 year old girl WAS old enough to consent to sex with her 28 year old teacher.  This brought back a previous topic of the Michigan Education Association defending a pedophile teacher here in Michigan.  How do these union leaders keep getting elected by teachers?


Other Songs From Today’s Show…

Secret Service Man

Football Hero

Lion’s Field Park



Full Show

In The Right Mind – Full Show – November 22, 2014


In The Right Mind – Headlines – 112214.mp3




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