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Winter Snow, Bad Roads & Obamacare Lies


Marquette, MI November 15, 2014 – Winter Storms hit Michigan do almost as much harm as Obamacare!

Headlines – the most interesting 3 minutes in Radio?


Obamacare was passed on INTENTIONAL LIES

Obamacare “architect” John Gruber admitted designers of the plan could not tell the truth when getting the plan passed.  If they told the truth, the public never would have supported the plan.  This is not a surprise for those of us IN THE RIGHT MIND.  We’ve tried to convince people of this since 2009.  Being proven RIGHT is not as satisfying as preventing the harm would have been.   When they say they counted on “the stupidity of the voting public”  they are proven right by those who still support the plan.  Three songs on this topic help describe the problem.

Obamacare Worse

Tryin to Sign Up For Obamacare

Up & Away

Marquette County Roads finally getting driveable

Jim Iwanicki from the Marquette County Road Commission stopped in to discuss the recent storm and to help listeners understand the why your road might not have been cleared as quickly as you would have liked.  A brand new song for this topic debuted today “It’s Still Snowin”

I Love the Winter – as illustrated in this song U.P. Winter

Full Show

New Songs






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