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Election 2014 Puts People IN THE RIGHT MIND!


Marquette, MINovember 8, 2014 – Senator Tom Casperson one of many conservatives elected to set things RIGHT

 HEADLINES – the Best 3 minutes in radio! (Click Here to Listen)

Today’s show reviewed the election of 2014 , poor behavior by the NAACP, and on a nice note congratulatedRay & Jeanneane Adamini on their Anniversary over 60 years… In A Row!  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad  click here to listen to the song “Mom & Dad”


Senator Tom Casperson – Legislator of the Year!

State Senator Tom Casperson was kind enough to spend 40 minutes with us discussion a variety of topics.  – MICHIGAN LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR IN 2014.  Listen to the entire interview by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post…  Click here to listen to the updated song CASPERSON 2014

 Election 2014 Makes Liberals Think It’s The End of The World

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