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Candidates ON In the Right Mind are IN their right mind


Marquette, MINovember 1 2014 – All Interviews on Today’s Show

 Headlines – The best 3 minutes in Radio (click to listen)

Today’s show was almost entirely Interviews.  Summarized below, these candidates deserve your consideration.  Listen to the interviews by clicking the links at the bottom of this post.

U.S. Senate Candidate TERRI LYNN LAND

Terri Lynn Land did a great job as Michigan Secretar of State.  She reduced cost and staffing levels AND increased service to cusomers… Wouldn’t that be nice to see in the FEDERAL government?  She helped clean up the voter rolls making it harder to cheat… also something most of us see as beneficial.  The most interesting part of the conversation to me is the idea that education funding could be used for an education… not just college!  So many good ideas… but perhaps the best reason to support Land is that She would not vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader.  He has blocked bills that even democrats support.  Listen to the song “VOTE FOR LAND” by clicking here

Learn more about her by visiting her web site https://terrilynnland.com/


U.S. Congressman DAN BENISHEK

Congressman Benishek has accomplished quite a bit in 2 short terms in congress.  Passing legislation to keep our Federal Forest Health is important to those in Northern and Upper Michigan.  If not properly harvested, we get more trees dying on federal land than being harvested on federal land.  The same holds true for other natural resources like oil & gas on federal lands.  Environmentalists like me (who believe progress can be achieved safely)  should not be confused with environmental NUTS who believe progress is incompatible with safety.

Another notable accomplishment of Congressman Benishek is his service on the Veterans Affairs committee.  Many of the problems we are now aware of would not have been revealed if not for his efforts to make the bureau more accountable.  Click here to listen to the song “BENISHEK”

Learn more about congressman Benishek by visiting his web sites: campaign site  http://www.danbenishek.com/  and congressional site http://benishek.house.gov/


Marquette County Commission Candidate KEITH LACOSSE

The city of Ishpeming and the city of Negaunee are represented by the same count commissioner.  Keith LaCosse hopes to be that commissioner.  As mayor of Negaunee (and commissioner) he helped the planners and other board members create a more “business friendly” atmosphere.  That would be VERY HELPFUL at the count level.  Eliminating benefits for commissioners would also be a priority for LaCosse which makes him a good choice in my book.  County commissioners should SERVE, but too many previous members have TAKEN MORE THAN THEY GAVE.  Time for Change!


 Marquette Area Public Schools Board of Education – RICH ROSSWAY

After contentious negotiations made it wise to stay off the show, Board President Rich Rossway stopped in to visit.  Many good things are happening in the school district under the leadership of a great superintendent; and under the supervision of a sensible board.  The future looks bright as long as sensible people continue to be elected.


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