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Did You Know There’s An Election Coming?


Marquette MI Ocober 25, 2014 – Interviews Galore on Today’s Show – Election Day Is Near!



Don’t forget to listen to the headlines at the beginning of the show  – It is certainly worth the effort.  The Most entertaining 3-minutes of your day!  they start 2 minutes into the show and you may be able to fast forward to that point depending on your player.

jerry cannon
Jerry Cannon with Dan Adamini

Congressional Candidate Jerry Cannon visits  IN THE RIGHT MIND with Dan Adamini

Jerry Cannon accepted my invitation to address IN THE RIGHT MIND LISTENERS.  A guy who served in VietNam and worked as a police officer certainly doesn’t need to fear a question from little old me.  Although I didn’t get to answer all my questions, Mr Cannon did answer everything.  As I often say… we agree  much more than we disagree.  A conversation often makes this plain.  The question I asked is relevant… If he gets to congress, will he be the General, or the Soldier?  The pressure to fall in line with the party can be great… I do believe this man would be up to the test.  Here’s a good opportunity to watch TIRED OF WAITING AT THE VA.   Click HERE to listen to the interview.


County Commission Candidate Mark Curran Will Bring Business Sense to the Board

Mark Curran
Mark Curran

Firsthand experience with redundant and over-reaching regulation has motivated Mark Curran to run for the county commission.  The various regulators SHOULD help business operate safely and compliantly.  Too often they seem to be in the business of “business prevention”.  This doesn’t mean eliminating regulation… it means using regulation to help, not to create obstacles.  It will be refreshing to see that type of focus on the board.  Click here to listen to the interview


Michigan Conservative Energy Forum – Larry Ward

Conservatives support green energy.  We just don’t support wasting government money in areas more suited to private sector money.  If private investors succeed, they deserve to be rich… if they fail, the rest of us do not suffer.  BUT… we conservatives DO support any and ALL sources of energy.  If the lefties would finally make peace with clean coal and oil, we could all gather round the campfire and sing “It’s not Easy Being Green”  For now you’ll have to settle for the song “Windy”  Click here to listen to the interview



 Remember to think first… Don’t Repeat Lies…

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