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Pot Smokin Teachers Support Obama’s Healthy Food Agenda – FOR OTHERS

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, Mi October 18, 2014 – None of the food in Obama’s healthy food mandate would satisfy a teacher on Pot

 St Ignace Teacher Arrested for Pot Distrubution

Remember, people are innocent until proven guilty, but a teacher in St. Ignace was arrested for distributing Pot… something her medical Marijuana Card does not permit.  The song POT SMOKIN TEACHER strikes me as funny – and a little sad.  She had just become the band instructor at the local high school…   If you don’t know that, the song makes no sense…

 Obama’s Healthy Food mandate: Good for Kids, Bad for Food Stamp Recipients

An interesting interview of people who support forcing kids to eat healthy finds that those same people do NOT think the program should apply to those receiving food assistance.  I guess democrats don’t want to make their voters angry!  The song SUGAR SUGAR – NOT still makes me smile.

Dan Everson – Candidate for Marquette County Commission

Marquette County needs (and will have) new leadership.  Many past officials are leaving – thank goodness!  Retired Fire Fighter Dan Everson is running for District 1.  You can find more about this candidate at Dan Everson for County Commission on facebook

State Representative John Kivela stopped in for a Surprise Visit

Electrical Power in the Upper Peninsula is in the news, and Representative Kivela stopped in to discuss the challenges ahead of us.  We’ll be talking about this in coming weeks – but this was a great introduction to the topic… and a nice surprise… The fact that he was listening shows that Some Democrats ARE In The Right Mind!  The songs SMURFIN USA and the song KIVELA are always fun to play!

 Ebola news is spreading like…. well – like a virus!

People are still alarmed (understandably) about Ebola in the USA… We apparently didn’t care as much when it was just a few people in Africa.  In any case… it’s another opportunity to play the song EBOLA

” Stupidest” Letter to the Editor

If anyone knows Bill Davie from Negaunee, congratulate him for winning this week’s “Stupidest” Letter to the Editor.  In 12 short sentences Bill illustrates what I love best about people on the left… Their belief that they don’t sound as crazy as their statements make them appear.  In his defense, he is trying to show how bad Dr Benishek is, and why he supports Jerry Cannon.  There may be good reasons for supporting his candidate…. but you won’t find any of them in this letter.  I hope he continues to write… he could become a “Multi-Award-Winning” writer.  I love these guys… and this song (DON’T BE A FOOL) is dedicated to him – and the other people like him.

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