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NFL Players as Bad as ISIS? ISIS Not as Bad as DNCCC

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MISeptember 20,2014 – Is the NFL support of bad actors a bad as democrat support of bad liars?


NFL Has Been Excusing Bad Behavior for Decades

After the Ray Rice incident incited anger at the NFL, a light has been focused on double standards in society – something I’ve fought since beginning this show.  For years, people we like have been held to different standards than those we don’t like.  Recall the celebrities caught doing drugs or driving drunk.  Many people happily excuse the behavior of some people while condemning the same behavior in others.  This is partially true of athletes from high school to the pros.  When a star player does something bad, some will cover up or excuse the behavior.  That breeds people who are accustomed to getting away with bad behavior.  Perhaps this will begin the process of treating all people equally.  The song “Football Hero” sarcastically addresses the practice of excusing celebrities which hopefully will end now that people have had enough.

democrat whiner
democrat whiner

Democrat Congressional Committee Lies to Promote Candidates – Surprise!

I will spend a lot of time this year exposing lies in political ads – From both sides.  Sadly, to date the lies are coming primarily from the left.  I ask all readers / listeners to end political ads you believe are lying about candidates.  I ask you first to do your own research and pass that along as well.  It’s quite simple… look at the information given by the attacker… then information from the one being attacked… and then the original data the supposedly supports the claim.

The latest teachable moment comes from a DCCC attack ad lying about Congressman Dan Benishek.  The suggestion to visit benishektax.org encourages you to enter your income and it shows you how much more or less you would pay under the FAIR tax.  there are too many lies in the democrat argument to address in this space, but the two most grevious  are: the ommission of the fact that the poor will pay close to zero.  The other assumption is that every penny a person earns is spent on something taxaable.  The truth is simple… It is easier to have people believe a lie than it is to convince them of the truth – at least if they have a little “D” after their name.

Obama Administration seems very “Bush-Like” facing anti-war protesters

John Kerry was heckled by code pink as he defended the strategy to bomb ISIS.  That is quite ironic when you consider he opposed the same tactic in Vietnam.


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New Songs



the song Along Comes Kerry on youtube is a great companion to the two new songs “Obama’s In Way Over His Head”  and “Lost Iraq“.  We may as well throw in “ISIS” and “Last Train to Baghdad” as well.  President Bush predicted what we are now experiencing.





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