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ISIS / Al Shabob / Obama / Kerry – Fear Them All


Marquette, MiSeptember 13, 2014 – Did Obama Steal a Bush Speech to rally the country to war?

Obama & Kerry
Obama & Kerry

Obama / Kerry War over the use of the word WAR?

President Obama did his Best George W Bush Impression this week as he tried to rally the country to a war footing against terrorist group Isis / Isil.  Secretary of State John Kerry did back-flip-flops this week stating we are not at WAR… we are involved in “a major counterterrorism operation that will have many different moving parts”.

Apparently WAR is used only appropriate for things like the “republican WAR on Women”  not for actual war… perfect example of what is worst on the left.  Other fitting uses of the word WAR: War against Voters, War against people of color, War against immigrants, War on the elderly… anything except actual WAR.

Songs to illustrate: Onward Liberal Soldiers 2014, ISIS, Last Train to Baghdad, I’m an Appeaser

Al Shabob
Al Shabob

Al Shabob bumped off the front pages by ISIS… who will they kill next to regain their spot?

The Somali group Al Shabob is part of the movement to create a Caliphate and establish Sharia Law as world law.  Some are concerned that the group’s supporters in Minnesota are a potential problem.  I just like the sound of the name Al Shabob… makes a cute song!

ray rice
ray rice

 Ray Rice Stories Trump ALL OTHER NEWS?

Worthy of note as the story may be, is it really appropriate that every news station spent so much time on the Ray Rice Story?  the guy’s a weasel, and should be treated as such… but it this story really more important than everything else going on in the world?  Not to me it isn’t!  I blame the media for pushing this down our throats.  they say it’s what we want to see, but they make the choice to give it the time they spend on the story – so it’s their fault.


Marquette General Hospital
Marquette General Hospital

 Marquette General Hospital Moving Downtown

In local news… the hospital in Marquette, MI will be moving to the downtown area.  Get the details in this song “Downtown

 Detroit Bankruptcy moving forward / upward .. moving somewhere anyway

A deal between the city of Detroit and one of it’s creditors will help the city move ahead.  The company will receive 26 cents of every dollar it is owed by the city $400 Million).  In exchange for that, the company gets long term leases on a tunnel and a parking garage, so they’ll get their money eventually… and the city will pay with other people’s money.. a perfect democrat solution.  the song Detroit Broke sums it up pretty well.

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