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Al Sharpton – Marquette Teachers Contract – Labor Day

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MIAugust 30, 2014 – Would Al Sharpton Defend Marquette Teachers on Labor Day?

 Al Sharpton targeted by ITRM (In The Right Mind)

Our First FAKE INTERVIEW took a speech from Al Sharpton, Parsed it, and added my own questions.  For a first endeavor I thought it went well… give your opinion below.  I also added a new parody song / Musical Commentary on Reverend AL SHARPTON using the song Mack the Knife.  I always find the story of the original songs interesting… click on the title above for that story.  And you may want to revisit the song from last week MICHAEL BROWN.

 Marquette Area Public Schools Have a TENTATIVE CONTRACT

At the risk of sounding like I don’t support teachers I pointed out a few facts that concern me.  I believe teachers earn every  penny they earn (at least the good ones) and even more.  My frustration lies with the way union leaders form the argument. I agree they should earn more, but the negotiators seem to portray the teachers as living in poverty.  Every year of service gets a raise and every increase in education also gets a raise.

The starting pay for a teacher in MAPS with no experience and no further education (based on the 2010 contract was over 34,000.  That is below the median income for the county, but higher than many jobs in the area.  The job comes with benefits, pension and 13 weeks of vacation from year 1.

These numbers come from the 2010-2012 contract.  The annual hours required by contract (1380)fall below the hours required by Obamacare (1560)to be considered full time.  The STARTING hourly rate (25.08 – 31.35 based on education)is not the highest, but is quite high.

I’d be happier if they made the case for their cause without trying to deceive the public.  We overwhelmingly support teachers, but if you can’t make your case honestly, people like me become suspicious.  Another new song for this topic MEA TEACHER’S UNION shows the negative side of the MEA while trying to show that the teachers are good and their leaders are not.  the song STEWEY does the same.

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Labor Day – Shouldn’t everyone be WORKING?

The song 8 DAYS OF LABOR sums it up pretty well… the day doesn’t celebrate Labor… it celebrates ORGANIZED LABOR.  One caller suggested it should include women who have been in labor!  I like that one – there may be a song in there somewhere.

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