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Ferguson, MO and ISIS Among Topics on Today’s In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MichiganAugust 23, 2014 – Ferguson, MO and ISIS Among Topics on Today’s In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini

Ferguson, MO

As I said on last week’s show, The protests in Ferguson show what is worst in people, and what I find typical in liberals.  People angry and sometimes violent based on information that may or may not be true.  Whatever happened between the police and Michael Brown, there is no excuse for the looting, vandalism and violence in the city.  Based on one person’s story (which may or may not be true), anger has grown, and been stoked, and fed by those who peddle in race hatred.  Yes, I am talking about Al Sharpton, who some years ago took the mantle from Jesse Jackson as the face of evil and violence within the community they both claim to support.   The calls of “NO JUSTICE-NO PEACE” rings out… but the thugs don’t want justice.  If they did, they would not be harming innocent people in the name of someone else they believe to be an innocent victim.  If you need a little reminder of Al Sharpton’s evil, read one of MANY articles listing the man’s history.  He may have started as a good man, but no longer deserves that title.  The Song “Michael Brown” is not intended to make light of the shooting, but rather to show the foolishness of the violent protesters.


ISIS or ISIL – Whatever you call them it boils down to EVIL

The group calling themselves the ISLAMIC STATE in the LEVANT (ISIL / ISIS)  has proven themselves to be exactly what many said they were when we supported them in Syria.  The old adage that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” was never true, and this is much like our support of Afghan rebels who we armed and eventually attacked us.  Shortsighted politicians often ally themselves with evil for the sake of a quick resolution with the appearance of success.  Listen to the song “ISIS” by clicking here or below.

I did something today I NEVER thought I would do… I praised Secretary of State John Kerry.  Even if he only said the right thing because he had not choice – he still said the right things, and appeared to be sincere.  We’ll see, but for the moment, He seems to have departed from the actions that inspired this song critical of the man.    Obama, doesn’t deserve the same respect, as he cut his condemnation short to so he wouldn’t be late for his tee time.

 State Convention – Republican Party

The convention of the Michigan Republican Party takes place today (Saturday)  It is an interesting process and the big story this year is the attempt by some to remove Lt. Governor Brian Calley from the ticket.  While I believe that the governor should run with the person he wants by his side, there are some who believe the governor should move further right.  They believe Calley should have stood against the governor on Medicaid Expansion.  Although I don’t support EVERYTHING the governor has done, I believe the Lt. Governor should do exactly what Calley has done – help implement the governor’s agenda.  Many conservatives fear the far right will stay home as they did in 2012, and cost the governor the 2014 election as they cost Romney the presidency in 2012.

Ellen Adamini w Cardinal Szocka in 2004
Ellen Adamini w Cardinal Szocka in 2004

Death of Cardinal Szoka

Cardinal Edmund Szoka passed away this week.  I only met the man once, in 2004 when he celebrated  mass at St. Christopher Church in Marquette – where he had once been the priest & pastor.  The story attached gives a brief biography.  The attached picture is one I took when my daughter Ellen served at mass with the cardinal.









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