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Secretary of State Ruth Johnson – Voter Fraud – Open Primaries


Secretary of State of Michigan - Ruth Johnson on In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny FMMarquette, MI August 9, 2014 – Should Primaries be open, and is voter fraud a problem?

 Secretary of State Ruth Johnson talks about efficiency and service at the SOS Offices

The SOS office is operating with 25% less staff than 10 years ago, yet are operating more efficiently.

Voter Rolls are being cleaned up to help make your HONEST VOTE count properly and not be diluted by those who cheat the system

Dan’s Idea of voter integrity got a chuckle from our SOS… Voter Registration should expire when your driver license does… that way once you’re dead you can only vote 2 more times!   AND… use the purple ink on your thumb or finger… if someone is willing to chop off a digit to vote twice, I’m OK with that commitment!

Open Elections – Not My Choice

I don’t like our open primary system.  I don’t think a republican should be able to choose the democrat candidate, and I don’t think democrats should choose the republican candidate either.  I Hate that the state pays to help political parties choose their candidates… the parties should pay for it, or somehow reimburse the state.

My solutions:     Only paid members of a local party can vote in the primary… if you are willing to give money to your local opponent, then I’m ok with you voting with them

If you can vote for either party, you should be able to vote on both sides… some GOP and some DEM

Ugly Primaries lead to Embarrasing Backsliding when your candidate loses

With all the nasty things said about people in the primaries, how can anyone in their right mind then support the candidate they were slandering just days ago?  The nasty things said in primaries stick with you.  For instance, the nasty statements made by candidate Arcand and his supporters of congressman Benishek can’t be taken back.  Hypocrites or Weasels?  They must be one or the other…. free political speech should not allow you to lie about another person.


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