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Brice Burge – Candidate for Marquette City Commision on IN THE RIGHT MIND

Brice Burge
Brice Burge (Running for Marquette City Commission) with Dan Adamini of In The Right Mind on Sunny FM

Marquette, MI July 19, 2014 – Reaching Out to Everyone to Create a Better Marquette

Today’s Main Event was a conversation with Brice Burge, Candidate for City Commission in the City of Marquette.  I believe the best boards and commissions are made up of people of varied backgrounds and interests.  The primary election is coming up and before voting you should research th candidates.  Are you voting for the person, or the name, or simply by the order they appear on the ballot?  Vote Well, or please don’t vote…. your vote matters, so do it responsibly.  Diversity of opinions makes a good board, and makes it harder to do dumb things.  Seven people who agree on everything can do a lot of harm… If you only like one person running… don’t feel you have to vote for the maximum number allowed.  Vote well on Every Issue and Office!

Contact / Research Brice Burge at links below:

text 906-235-4958

email bricemqt@gmail.com


We did quick updates on the stories of the past few weeks, and will get back to new songs next week… It is good to be Back!

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