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Voter I.D., State Laws & Syria Were Topics on In The RIght Mind with Dan Adamini

Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind

(Marquette, Michigan) — Today on “In the Right Mind” with Dan Adamini I talked about Voter I.D. and how some people on the left say requiring a photo ID is racist and disenfranchises minorities.

That statement itself seems racist to me. Are they saying all minorities look alike? Is that why a photo ID wouldn’t work? OR… since a voter ID makes it harder to cheat, are these leftists saying that minorities are the ones who try to cheat? In either case, their opposition to picture IDs is dismissed by anyone in their right minds… especially when the state provides a picture ID free of charge.

I also talked about Obamacare and some fairly outrageous state laws being proposed.

Finally, I discussed the coming bombing of Syria as the USA tries to decide which terrorist it wants to back in this mess. My main frustration is with those who put party over country mainly democrats, but also some republicans. There was much greater justification for Iraq than there is for Syria, but those against Iraq are all for bombing Syria. And those who believed it made sense to remove Sadaam now don’t believe it makes sense to remove Assad. Kerry’s dissertation on how his former friend Assad is not bad and has done horrible things reminds me that he said the same things about American troops during Viet Nam.

New Limericks

New Songs

New Rants

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Full Text of Limericks:

Voter ID Limerick

Some say when we hold an election

It makes sense to pay close attention

And closely take note of the people who vote

So the ballots will not need correction

One person, one vote is the rule

But not if you’re liberal tool

You have to vote more to get democrats in the door

‘cuz their arguments run out of fuel

Should people vote as many times as they can?

Using made up names of a dead man?

Liberals say yes, and they couldn’t care less

Cuz the prople who cheat are their fans

They say it’s not fair, don’t you see

To make people show an I.D.

One person, one vote is a terrible quote

                                                 If you look at things liberally


Syria Limerick

It seems we’ll be giving the nod

To drop bombs on Bashir Al Assad

He’s not a nice guy, so no one will cry

And some folks may actually applaud

 He’s used Chemical weapons, you see

 And that’s not news to you or to me

Take a minute, think back to the war with Iraq

That took place in 2003

 Sadaam used these weapons as well

But don’t remind liberals, they’ll yell

They’ll say Syria’s not Iraq and George Bush ain’t Barak

“If you disagree, just go to hell”

The middle east trouble’s not new

And political hypocrisy’s old too

Both leftists and right, have changed sides in this fight

Are you on the same side? Are you?

If you opposed the Iraq war,

are you standing where you were before?

And if you were against, have you crossed over the fence?

Are you a hypocrite down to the core?

There are some differences they say,

Syria hasn’t threatened the USA

And our secretary of state did not double date

With Iraq’s dictator Hussein

 If you catch something while you’re in Syria

From chemical weapons or bacteria

You’ll probably be fine, you’re immune if you’ve dined

In the average government cafeteria


Kivela Limerick

 Our State Rep, John Kivela

 A Lot of votes he did receive –ela

 He did pretty fair in the time he was mayor

 Now in Lansing he’ll roll up his sleeve-ela

I’m changing the verses this time

 His name isn’t in the first line

The reason therein is Because he’s a finn,

 and Kivela’s quite hard to rhyme

So what lies a head for John Kivela?

 Representing the central U.P. –vela

 If he passes good laws, I’ll join the applause

 And our praises the man will receivela



New Song Lyrics

One Is A Trivial Number – Version 2

One is a trivial number

Parody by Dan Adamini

Using the song “One” written by Harry Nilsson in 1967

One Is a trivial number when it’s time to vote

Two is twice as good as one, and I’ll vote 20 times before the days is done… Yeah!

 One vote for one person is a crazy plan…I want to vote in every polling place I can

 One is a crazy number on election day… One is a stupid number, that’s what we liberals say

 It’s just no good if each person can vote just once

 And if you agree with folks like me, you are a dunce

One Vote per person is bad…One vote per person is sad

 One vote per person won’t help elect a liberal

 Showing a voter I.D. hurts minorities

 Even if the state provides it to everyone and the cost is free, yeah!

 I don’t think it’s right to need a voter picture I.D.

 How can I cheat if I have to prove I’m me?

 One is a crazy number on election day… One is a stupid number, that’s what we liberals say

I guess I could go get a bunch of absentees

 Or have my friend print up a bunch of fake I.D.’s

 One vote for person is bad… One vote per person is sad

 One vote per person won’t help elect a liberal

Syria – Onward Liberal Soldiers

Onward Liberal Soldiers

Parody by Dan Adamini using the song

Onward Christian Soldiers written by Arthur Sullivan in 1872 (music)


Onward Liberal Soldiers, Calling for a war

Even though we don’t know what we’re fighting for

We’ll drop bombs on Syria, cuz we don’t like Assad

Obama will look strong although his strategy is flawed

Newspapers and Television news will not report

Which group of terrorists Obama will support

Onward Liberal Soldiers, calling for a war

Don’t compare Syria to Iraq in days of yore

Even though Bashir Assad is just like Sadaam

We can’t admit that Bush was right, so let’s just drop a bomb

Don’t admit we’re picking sides in Syria’s civil war

We need to get Obama’s ratings off the floor.

 Onward Liberal Soldiers, calling for a war

Liberal views have changed from what they were before

Chemical weapons were used in an attack

But don’t tell anyone that they were shipped there from Iraq

We must stop the people who use these weapons to stop dissent

But only if a democrat is president









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