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Signs – Ore To Shore – Cliffs Mining


In The Right Mind for August 10, 2013

Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind


The first thing discussed this morning on In The Right Mind the new sign ordnance for Downtown Marquette.    This ordnance says that there will be no new electronic messaging signs in the downtown area in Marquette.  However;  existing signs will be grandfathered in.   Many people like the signs and many do not.

The inconstancy of the philosophy is what is troubling.    The mandate seems to be favor some while ignoring others.  And why is it okay in some areas and not in others?   Is this law too vague?

Listen – to Signs Limerick and Song

Ore To Shore

The bicycle race is interesting…to a point.  It’s a great track to run on, with lots of beautiful scenery, but how much of the scenery can really be seen when riders are racing mightily to win the race?

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Cliffs Mining – U.P. Power / WE Energies    

Cliffs Mining is pulling away from U.P.Power because they can find cheaper power.  Is this because of the “global warming nuts” who say that coal power is wrong, dirty, immoral?   Some thing so.  And, in that case, laws that are passed are making  WE Energies?  U.P. Power energies too expensive.

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