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Two Sides To The Wolf Issue and Hostess Cupcakes This Morning On In The Right Mind!


August 3, 2013-

Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind
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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny.FM there were not one, but two interviews about the wolf issue in Michigan, but the celebration that the Hostess cupcake is back!

Keep Michigan Wolves ProtectedInterview With Jill Fritz From Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

Jill Fritz the director of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected called in first this morning to talk about the wolf issue that is still not going away in Michigan as the hunting season has just been announced.  The group was formed and was successful to get enough signatures in getting a referendum to put the issue on the ballot.  Another bill was passed then by Lansing that was seen by the group as an end around the original referendum.

The group right now is working on getting signatures for another referendum that will be able to undo the new law that was passed.  Fritiz gave the groups position and why in the interview and even gave the language of the petition over the air.

Listen – Interview With Jill Fritz From Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

Interview With Adam Bump From The DNR

Up next on the wolf issue was the Department Of Natural Resources Bear and Furbearer Specialist Adam Bump, who also deals with wolves in the state to talk about the DNR’s position and why the DNR’s methods for the hunt are the way they are.  The DNR does just see this as another tool to avoid conflicts in areas where wolves have become a problem.

Bump also explained the system for why there are a high number of licenses being sold and also the system of the hunt that will be used to help track the wolf hunt in almost real time.  The ability of the system to shut down the season was also highlighted by Bump.  He also pointed to how the hunt is going to be very localized, using only 12% of the upper peninsula.

Listen – Interview With Adam Bump From The DNR

Ore To Shore

Ore To Shore is next week and you can still sign up for it.  It’s been a great even going on for years.  There’s a bunch of different runs to do so check out their website to see if you want to ride any of them!

Listen – Ore To Shore Limerick

Listen – Ore To Shore Song

Hostess Cupcakes…..Are Back!

And a good way to round out the show this morning is that Hostess is back which means the best thing in the world is back, their cupcake!  Any way to bribe me is best through the sweet delicious flavor of a Hostess cupcake.  Hostess originally closed because the worker’s union decided to not make any concessions to help Hostess try and continue.  After a year and a half of negotiations the company finally closed it’s doors, but now it’s back!

Listen – Hostess Man


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