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Casino Revisited, NSA Spying and Gay Marriage This Morning On In The Right Mind On Sunny!


June 29 2013-

Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind
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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage and new immigration was discussed.

Gay Marriage Issue

It may be right or wrong, but the term marriage has been used for thousands.  Using marriage as term of discrimination isn’t actually true.  Lots of issues like power of attorney and wills, can be taken care of without a marriage license.  There is the social security survival benefits that could be made the case for marriage could also be opened to close family as well.  Lots of these issues could be fixed without redefining the word marriage.

Listen – Gay Marriage Rant

Listen – Gay Marriage Limerick

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New Immigration Legislation Proposed

The Senate recently has proposed legislation for a path to citizenship for between seven and twenty million illegal immigrants.  This would give some protection and paths for illegal immigrants.  Wouldn’t an easier thing be like Canada maybe and let people come, work, and then leave?  This has nothing to do with hate towards the immigrants at all.  Also the laws needed to be a little easier for LEGAL immigrants as well.  The solution is quite simple, if you are law abiding feel free to stay!  If you break a law and commit crimes, time to deport.

Listen – Immigration Rant

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NSA Spying!

It has been recently shown that the NSA has been spying on all Americans and that pretty much every one’s been tracked and it’s been run through a computer looking for keywords and themes to look for.  It’s been bad enough that the parts of the left and the right has united in fighting against this.  This has come under The Patriot Act, but the government has overreached in it’s scope on this front.

Listen – NSA Rant

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Listen – Watching You

Casino Revisited

The KBIC tribe put a casino out in Chocolay Township years ago with the idea of moving it to a better location.  That location it turned out to be the old Marquette County Airport.  The KBIC tribe though doesn’t have a tax agreement with Michigan and Governor Snyder is withholding the approval of the land being put in trust for them to try and get them to the bargaining table.

Listen – Casino Revisited

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Listen – Gambler

Listen – Gamblin Man


Caller #1 called in saying that his family has been only been here for about 100 years so he’s pro-immigration but he wonders about the cultural aspect of immigration and the clashes that could happen.


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