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Governor Snyder Themed Show and Pictured Rocks Cruise This Morning On In The Right Mind!


June 22, 2013-

Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind

This morning on In The Right Mind the casino in Chocolay Township being moved was discussed as well as the beauty of the Picture Rocks Cruise!

Casino In Chocolay Township Looking To Move

The casino out in Chocolay Township was built by the KBIC several years ago and it was really only meant to be temporary.  They’ve been looking for a better spot ever since and found one with the old airport area.  All of the hurdles were cleared but the land needed to be put in trust, which needs the governor’s signature.

Governor Snyder is looking to put the agreement as part of a larger plan for the KBIC with taxes.  This issue is the only card that the governor has in his hand to get them to the table for negotiating.

Listen – Gambler

Listen – Gamblin Man

Native Gas Station

The casino issue brings up the issue from the gas station that the KBIC wants to put in.  The station should pay the taxes that the other stations pay just to be fair, but if they sell it cheaper even with the taxes all the better!

Listen – KBIC Gas Station

Medicare Expansion In Michigan

Keeping with the theme of  Governor Snyder this morning, the governor wasn’t too pleased with Lansing this past week as the legisature didn’t put forth a vote on the Medicare Expansion.  Mostly no vote because it wouldn’t have passed but now Snyder will have to wait until after summer break to try and get it passed.

Listen – Obamacare

Pictured Rocks!

Although Dan has lived in the UP for about twenty five years, he still hadn’t taken the Pictured Rocks Cruise.  The cruise was extremely beautiful and prove that are some great attractions in the Upper Peninsula.  If you feel that there is nothing in our own back yard to see, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Listen – Pictured Rocks Song


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