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Tom Casperson and Bill Nordeen This Morning On In The Right Mind


June 8, 2013-

Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind

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This morning on In The Right Mind State Senator Tom Casperson called in to give an update and Gwinn school board member Bill Nordeen came in to discuss the issues in the Gwinn school district.

State Senator Tom Casperson
State Senator Tom Casperson

Interview With Tom Casperson

Tom Casperson called in right off the bat this morning on the show to give an update on what’s been going on in Lansing.  This includes the issues with the natural resources and the forest management projects for private land and state land.  He also gave an update on the proposed internet sales tax and why that is being brought up in the state.

Casperson gave his insight on the direction of the state has taken in the past few years and where they would like to go in the future.  This includes both sides working together.

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White House Scandals Piling Up!

Well well, the scandals are starting to pile up at the White House’s front door.  There’s the Bengazi scandal which resulted in a few deaths and IRS targeting Tea Party groups.  Not to mention even the phone tapping and secret watching of US citizens now!

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Interview With Gwinn School Board Member Bill Nordeen

The second half of the show was the discussing about the Gwinn schools as Gwinn school board member Bill Nordeen came into the studio.  Nordeen, who has only joined the board in the prior few months, has been sorting through the issues facing the school and gave his thoughts on recent decisions about them.  This includes the budget shortfall and how school of choice affects that, the decision behind the closing of the Gilbert school, and the future of the school in the short term and long term.

There is a meeting this Tuesday at 6:30 PM  to pick the interim superintendent that he encourages people to go to as well.

Listen – Interview With Bill Nordeen

Listen – Gwinn Schools


Caller #1 asked what the budget of the school was and if the school can raise money on their own.

Caller #2 called in to comment that she agreed with Nordeen that the board doesn’t care about the community from her own experience commenting at board meetings.


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