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Attorney General Bill Schuette and Boys Scouts This Morning On In The Right Mind


June 1, 2013-

Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind

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This morning on In The Right Mind Lynn Moon joined the program from the National Parks Of Lake Superior Foundation and an interview with Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.





Michigan Attorney General's public forum on Marquette General Hospital Sale
The State of Michigan Attorney General

Interview with Attorney General Bill Schuette

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette was in town this weekend for a fundraiser and Dan got a chance to speak with him  and get an update on Lansing earlier in the week.  The main topic being about the “It’s Okay To Say” law which lets citizens send anoymous tips about people who show signs for violent acts.

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New Boy Scout Policy For Gay Members

Recently there has been controversy over with the Boy Scouts because they formally announced that Boy Scouts are allowing openly gay members.  For what the oath and the code of the Boy Scouts this is a surprise.  As the code and the oath don’t even relate to a person’s sexual orientation.  This is more of a frustation that this is being talked about at all even.  This is more of a group forcing people to accept them because they feel left out when they aren’t in the first place.

Listen – Boy Scout Rant

Listen – Boy Scout Limerick

Listen – In The Boy Scouts

www.nplsf.org for more information
www.nplsf.org for more information

Lynn Moon Of The National Parks Of Lake Superior

Lynn Moon from The National Parks Of Lake Superior called in towards the end of the program this morning to talk about the group and their fundraiser coming up on Thursday.  The group, formed in 2006, supports the five national parks that are on Lake Superior.  The support goes to different projects like money for trails or money for a park to have Junior Ranger books made up for children.

The fundraiser for the NPLSF is a two hour cruise to look at the city and the coast and have a narrated tour as well.  The cost is only $50 per ticket and can be bought at Down Wind Sports or by calling 906-360-9765.  There is a limited number of tickets so if you are interested get your ticket now!

Listen – Lynn Moon Interview

Listen – Crusin




Caller #1 thinks that the argument from the city on the Christian music issue is way out there and doesn’t agree with the decision.  Wonders to the city about the Art On The Rocks where people write about Mother Earth.  He also says if the city does follows through on the decision to boycott the series.

Caller #2 has felt frustrated with how the Boy Scouts have been with the issue.  She feels that homosexuality doesn’t mean you are bad person.

Caller #3 wanted to comment that he’s never limerick a that long.  On the issue of Boy Scouts, that family values should be within the family, not with the Boy Scouts.

Caller #4 called in to say that she just felt that people should be more tolerant.


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