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Music In The Park and Airport Runways This Morning On In The Right Mind


May 25, 2013-

Dan Adamini From In The Right Mind

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This morning on In The Right Mind guests Bob Ross and Roger Rhodes joined Dan in the studio to discuss Christian Music Night being cancelled in the Music In The Park series in Marquette and Dan gives the details on the Sawyer International Airport runway situation.

Christian Music Refused For Music In The Park Series

First topic this morning was about the Music In The Park series on Presque Isle in Marquette.  The series has been going well for about six years now and there was always a Christian Music Night as one of the nights.  This year a person for the city decided that the liability insurance the city has will not be extended to the Christian Night bands, as it usually is for the rest of the bands.  Why is there any discrimination for religious music in the series?  Will the city be looking at every band’s playlist before they play?  The only factors were for the music to not promote violence or contain swears to be more family friendly.

Guests Bob Ross and Roger Rhodes joined Dan in the studio this morning to talk about their experience as they were told by the city of this and what has to happen for this decision to be reversed.

Listen – No Christian Music Rant

Listen – Interview With Bob Ross and Roger Rhodes

Listen – No Christian Music Limerick 1

Listen – No Christian Music Limerick 2

Listen – No Christian Music

Listen – Amazing Grace

Runway Shortening

Sawyer International Airport

At Sawyer International Airport there is talk of the runway being shortened down to about 9,000 feet from the current 13,000 feet.  The reason is because of the money and the FAA willingness to match only certain options for the maintaining of the runway.

The Department of Transportation is willing to grant money to maintain the runway, but the FAA needs to match to help the airport as well.  The FAA will only match to destroy the excess length of the runway, but not to maintain the runway as it currently standing.

Only some planes like fully loaded 767s or 737s could not land, and yes Air Force One still could land in Marquette.  But this could hurt the prospects of trying to lure a company to use the airport as a hub.

Listen – Runway Rant

Listen – Runway

Wolves Come Back Up Again

Wolves keep popping back up in the news as another dog was killed by a wolf.  It’s another reminder of the problem that is not going away.  The referendum for the wolf hunt is still going to be on the ballot for Michigan but the legislature did pass a law that now renders it toothless.

Listen – Wolf Limerick

Listen – Lion Sleeping


Caller #1 asked who writes the insurance for the city and told them to look for it using the freedom of information act.  Can’t believe that this decision to turn away anyone on the arts

Caller #2 mentioned how you can’t find the words separation of church and state in the government.  Felt it was a double standard for Christians in general and art as well.

Caller #3 wanted to discuss the gravel pit in Negaunee closure because it’s near a residential area.  Hears reasons for people not liking the pit because of noise and dust but he doesn’t think it is actually a problem.


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