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Sound Off Saturday This Morning On In The Right Mind On Sunny!


May 18, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind was a sound off Saturday with updates on various topics and even some issues in the national realm.

Sound off Saturday

This morning was more of a open discussion of topics.  Topics being covered locally were the surplus in the state of Michigan and what is going to happen with that money.  Also the wolf hunt and some letter to the editors on that issue as well.  With it being the summer again that mean the issue about jogging and Presque Isle is back again as well.  In the Great Lakes the levels of Lake Huron have risen dramatically in the past month!  Lion’s Field was given an update too.

Into the national area this morning the issue of Iraq and the Benghazi scandel were discuss as were the IRS targeting conservative groups for tax statuses.

As a primer for next week, the issue of the runway being shorten at KI Sawyer was introduced.  This topic is looking to be the topic for next week’s show so stay tuned!


Caller #1 called to say about Obamacare that since it was enacted that she had to take a $2 paycut with her position in the healthcare industry.


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