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Gay Marriage and Doctor Ben Carson This Morning On In The Right Mind


April 6, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny the topics were racist Democrats and gay marriage!

Doctor Ben Carson Vilified

World renowned pediatric surgeon Doctor Ben Carson had a talk at a prayer breakfast recently that offended many Democrats and they said that he picked on our President.  Don’t believe the headlines, go listen and read the speech yourself!  Most of his speech had bible verses,gave prayers, and talked common sense.  He also talked about the issue of nation debt and health care and offered solutions to these issues.

Right now he’s being vilified for speaking out.  Why are minorities that are conservatives vilified so much?

Listen – Doctor Carson Rant

Listen – Doctor Carson Limerick

Listen – Black & White

Gay Marriage Issue

The issue of the gay marriage has been coming more and more in recent in weeks.  The definition of marriage is looking at being changed even though it hasn’t changed in thousands of years.  There are two reasons for the change.

One reason is that there are financial reasons and spousal type support from the government.  There are solutions for this problem, like civil unions and power attorney.  One problem is the government’s role in marriage in the first place.

The second is that it’s for people wanting an endorsement of people who don’t support them.  Not everyone has to endorse each other.

Listen – Gay Marriage Rant

Listen – Gay Marriage Limerick

Listen – Love & Marriage

Gun Control

The gun control issue goes back to the founding fathers wanting a way for the people to keep the government in check.  The laws right now would do nothing for the shootings that have happened in the previous years.  The definition of an assault weapon doesn’t even have an actual definition.  That definition is based on the look of weapon.  Even the magazine size law wouldn’t do anything to help for the terrible events that have happened.

Listen – Gun Control Rant

Listen – Gun Control Limerick

Listen – Johnny Get Your Gun

Stupid Letters To The Editor

This week the segment is brought back as there are three letters to the editor that all attack Congressmen Dan Benishek!  You can cast your vote online for which one is the stupidest if you wish.

Listen – Stupid Letters To The Editor


The caller today wanted to comment about how he heard that a Republican official was being pressured that quoted Carson.  Dan corrected him and they discussed the origins on the comments.  The caller also commented on the issues of gun control as well and how there is a need for helping people, not changing guns.


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