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Religion In Society This Morning On In The Right Mind on Sunny


March 30, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny the focus of the morning is the war on religion in society today.

Religion In Society

Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion for the current times, even though the war on Christianity and religion in general is being waged in society.  From the schools as Christianity is removed from schools (Christmas break changed to winter break, and so on) it’s gone almost overboard for how much has been removed.  Most people can’t even have a sensible conversation because God has been scrubbed clean from society.

There are quotes from John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on the role of relgion in their lives.  The first amendment is more about the government just not endorsing a religion.

Listen – Religion In Society Limerick

Updates On Previous Topics

CCI is set to shutdown in 2014, the mine for CCI has had a good run and lasted way longer than it’s expected lifetime.  Which is something to remember when the Eagle Mine starts up operation.  The wolf issue is still on going as the signatures needed were met to put the issue of the wolf hunt on the ballot.  So now the next mission is to educate people!

The lake levels are still the lowest since measuring began about 90 years ago.  The state though has passed a bill to dredge the harbors so boats can still operate in the waters.  Also Lions Field was approved by the Marquette County Road Commission, so the next step is getting the park expansion approved by the Marquette Township Board, give them a call and let your voice be known!

Listen – CCI Shutdown Limerick


Caller #1 called in to wonder why atheists get married in the church.  Dan replied that it may be for acceptance  by the spouse or family.


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