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ASNMU, Sandra Fluke and The Catholic Church This Morning on In The Right Mind


March 23, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS  guests Brandon Zanon and Justin Bis discussed happenings and elections on Northern Michigan University’s campus.

Brandon Zanon Running For ASNMU President

First guest this morning on the program was Brandon Zanon, who is running for ASNMU President at Northern Michigan University.  He deicided to run because he sees the gridlock in student government and doesn’t want student money wasted.  Zanon discussed how he wants transparency with the student’s money, and what else he wants ASNMU to do on campus as president.  He also discussed the role that ASNMU has on campus.

Listen – Interview With Brandon Zanon

Sandra Fluke Comes To NMU

Keeping with the theme of NMU, Sandra Fluke came to the campus this week.  She made her name known from wanting to speak to the government with the religious leaders, even though she wasn’t a religious leader.  She came to speak about social justice, which is a term to always be wary of.

Listen – Sandra Fluke Rant

Listen – Sandra Fluke Limerick

Listen – Sandra Fluke Song

Justin Bis Guest At The Event

At the Sandra Fluke event was Justin Bis, who is the president of the student Republic group on campus.  He discussed his feelings on the Fluke speech and wanting to clarify and correct some of the points that he feels were misrepresented including equal pay for women, and some of the economic fallacies she mentioned.

Bis also discussed some of the events coming up on campus that are being put on by the student group and the problems he’s faced trying to get speakers and hoping there is a balance on campus in the future.

Listen – Interview With Justin Bis

Msgr. Browne Guesting

The last guest of the morning was Msgr. Browne from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Marquette to discuss the Catholic Church.  Msgr. Browne has been working for the Marquette Diocese since 2009 as the Chief Assistant to Archbishop Sample.  He discussed the selection of Pop Francis and the effects on the Church.  The growth of the Church in the world was also discussed as well as the idea of change in the Catholic Church.

Listen – Interview With Msgr. Browne








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