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Wolf Hunt Issue At Forefront This Morning On In The Right Mind On Sunny 101.9 WKQS


March 16, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS the proposed Lions Field expansion and the Erie Street closure.  Also the issue of the wolf hunt with the Director of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, Terry Minzey, and John Hongisto.

Lions Field Proposed Expansion

Dan wants to remind everyone, like he said last week, to voice your opinion on the expansion of Lions Field that is proposed.  The expansion could mean a bigger area for familes and youth to play free of charge.  It could include a walking park and even the hockey rink put in permanently.  The meeting is this Monday at 6PM at the Ishpeming office of the Marquette County Road Commission. Get out and get your voice heard!

Listen – Lions Field Limerick

Listen – Lions Field Song

Proposed Wolf Hunt In Michigan

This past week at NMU the Department of Natural Resources held a meeting looking for input about opening a wolf season and Dan went to the meeting to see what is happening with it.  The meeting was actually very well done and very informative.  The DNR gave the history of the wolf in the UP as well with the numbers of how they were all gone for a number of years.

The DNR has opened to the idea of a wolf hunt because there have been conflicts that non lethal means have not been able to solve.  The DNR actually would like as many wolves that the UP can handle.  With the hunt there would be no packs of dogs allowed and no aerial hunting.  Also the hunting would be only in certain areas.

Listen – Wolf Hunt Rant

Jill Fritz The Director Of  Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

Jill Fritz the Director of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected called in from Grand Rapids this morning.  The coalition was formed to veto the addition of wolves to the game species list in Michigan.

She and the group are against the wolf hunt for multiple reasons.  First is that the hunt would be a trophy hunt, because no one actually eats wolves.  Also it has been only one year since the wolf was de-listed.  Also there is no real evidence how a limited hunt would even affect the problem areas.

There is a lot of fear and mis-perception about wolves and wolf behavior.  The group would like there to be more studies done before a hunt is approved.  Lastly she encourages everyone to research more about wolf behavior and biology.  You can visit their website keepwolvesprotected.com

Listen – Interview with Jill Fritz Director of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

Terry Minzey Interview

Terry Minzey was interview earlier in the week and Dan got to talk to him for about 25 minutes.  He talked about the non lethal measures that have been taken and what issues are still ongoing.  Terry also talked about exactly how much of the UP would be open to a wolf hunt and how much of the population would be targeted.

The DNR has an online survey that you can take to inform the DNR as well and you can visit it here.

Listen – Terry Minzey Interview

Studio Guest John Hongisto

John Hongisto joined in the studio for the last fifteen minutes of the show this morning to talk about the wolf hunt.  Hongisto is a lifelong hunter and trapper in the Upper Peninsula.  He gave a bit of history that he has been through hunting and trapping in the UP.  Hongisto believes in hunting and trapping to manage wildlife and that trapping can actually serve better than hunting.

He served on a roundtable for the issue of the wolf hunt that included many groups and rather than having a majority vote.  It had to be a consensus agreement which caused problems for wanting a hunt.  He agrees that there should be a hunt and that the DNR plan falls short and should be modified.

Listen – Interview With John Hongisto


Caller #1 loves the idea of Lions Field but feels that the silent majority that supports it are going to remain silent and the only people that oppose the expansion and the closure will show up.

Caller #2 wonders if he had to shoot a wolf because it was chasing his dog would he be fined any differently than when it was listed.  Dan said it is similar to what the fine would be for taking a deer out of season.

Caller #3 supports the referendum that would have the wolf hunt be put before the voters.  He would like to see another year or two taken to get more data and science behind the wolves and why they are entering urban areas.


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