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Carl Levin Retiring, Lion’s Field Expansion, and More on In The Right Mind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS


March 9, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on In The Right Mind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS topics covered were Senator Levin retiring, an interview with Bobby Schostak and also expansion of Lion’s Field.

Carl Levin Retiring

After 36 years in the Senate, Senator Carl Levin has announced that his current term is his last one.  It’s good to see him leaving to get some fresh blood back in government as him being there is proof that it’s extremely hard to get people out of government when there are no term limits.  It used to be that the Senators were picked by the state and Congressmen were picked by the people.  Term limits and the old format will never happen though because people do not want to give up power.  The primaries for the seat should be very lively.

Listen – Levin Retiring Rant

Listen – Levin Limerick

Listen – Leving Song

Michigan GOP Chairman Robert Schostak
Michigan Republican Chair Robert Schostak

Chair of the Michigan Republican Party Bobby Schostak

The chair of the Michigan Republican Party Bobby Schostak called in this morning for a good sized interview about the upcoming primaries and elections in 2014 in Michigan.  He said that for the Republicans they have some things to learn from last election and also things that have worked and to protect such as the Governor’s race and seat in Michigan’s government.  He mentioned the upcoming efforts to use technology to contact and engage with voters.

In Michigan coming up Schostak sees the 2014 election as a very important one.  Governor Snyder has been working to improve the state for everyone and wants to continue to his work to do that.  This next election will setup Michigan for the next decade.  Schostake also talked about his role as the Republican chair in Michigan

Listen – Interview With Bobby Schostak

Lion’s Field Expansion?

Currently, there are not many places for kids to enjoy activities for free such as pick up basketball, soccer or hockey.  Across from Lion’s Field in Marquette Township is a park.  There is a rink with boards up for an ice rink for people right now and also a few other things for activities.   Right now there is a proposal to close Erie Street which splits the Field and the park right now to combine them into one big park.  You can make your opinion known for it at a meeting about it on March 18th at 6 PM at the Marquette County Road Commission in Ishpeming.  Call the township with your opinion as well!

Listen – Lion’s Field Expansion Rant

Listen – Lion’s Field Limerick

Listen – Lion’s Field Song

Recap Of Previous Events!

For the wolf hunt issue there is a meeting being held by the DNR this coming Wednesday in the Michigan Room in the University Center at NMU at 6 PM.  The DNR is looking for input about the wolf hunt issue.  Also in the area of indian mascots’s a school actually has agreed to change their name.


Caller #1 agrees that there needs to be term limits for Senators and terms limits need to be on every position. He noticed  that people have been staying on very long in positions going on down the administrators of departments.  He also mentioned how the Marquette Suicide Prevention action on the Marquette County Board is now missing and was hoping Dan could look into it.  He also called back later and thanked for the GOP chair coming on.  There was a mental health council but there were no rules.  There needs to be some rules set up for this.

Caller #2 made comment of that recently Newt Gingrich and Laura Ingraham has converted to Catholicism.  Why does the Catholic Church accept these people with all the trouble they’ve had?

Caller #3 was happy to see Bobby Schostak on the air today and agreed with him.  He worked with Schostak in Marquette and it was great to work for him.  Schostak also donated his own money for the Republican youth and used his own money to send the Republican Youth Group downstate and that’s great.


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