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Low Levels In The Great Lakes And MEAP Scores Up In Michigan This Morning On In The Right Mind


March 2, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning’s topics on In The Right Mind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS were the low levels in the Great Lakes, women being allowed in combat, crazy laws on teacher sex in school and MEAP scores being up.

Lowest Lake Levels Since 1918

Lowest lake level measured in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan since measured 1918, fell below 1964 level.  Part of the problem has been droughts over the years and also dredging of the St. Claire River which lets more water out to the ocean.  Dredging the actual lake though hasn’t been part of the problem as the sediment does get put back into the lake.

Listen – Low Lake Level Rant

Listen – Tide Is Low

Listen – Low Lake Level Limerick

Women Allowed In Combat

Women were allowed to be in combat for the military recently and this is a good thing.  As women making up 14% this is a big group to have held back in the military.  On top of the women being allowed also the standards are going to be the same across the board between men and women.  The rule should be simple, if you can do the duty, you should be allowed to participate.

Listen – Women In Combat Rant

Listen – She Is Woman

Listen – Women In Combat Limerick

Teacher Sex In School

The State Senate passed a new law recently that changes the penal code for the state.  One of the changes was that teachers are not allowed to have sex with students unless they are over 18 years of age.  The law changed the limit to 21 years of age.  This is a crazy that there should even be a limit.  Shouldn’t it be just that you are not allowed to have sex with students, no matter what the age?

Listen – Teacher Sex In School Rant

Listen – Let Me See Your I.D.

Listen – Teacher Sex In School Limerick

MEAP Test Scores Up

One of the things that Governor Snyder has done since coming to power is raising the standards for the MEAP tests.  There was resistance to the idea of raising the standards but the results this year are up.  Scores for the MEAP test are up which proves that if you set the bar higher, people will respond for the better.

Listen – MEAP Scores Up Rant

Listen – MEAP Song

Indian Mascots

There have been groups that have been offended about native group names for school mascots.  A local example is that Marquette schools faced criticism about 10 years ago about the Redmen name.  The name and the mascot is not being used to be made fun of, but meant to pull people together and have traits to be proud of.

Listen – Indian Mascot Rant

Listen – PC Fight Song


Caller #1 gave his feelings on the wolves in the upper peninsula feeling that the wolves don’t care about the last cow and will even eat themselves.  He also mentioned how raising taxes is not conducive for business.


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