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State Representative John Kivela This Morning On InTheRightMind


January 26, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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On InTheRightMind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS this morning Dan has State Representative John Kivela in this morning to talk about his start in Lansing.

Events in the UP

Dan today started off this morning to mention some of the events going on around in the area that celebrate winter and played a song for each of the events.  The events being the Heikki Lunta festival from last weekend and the Noquemanon which is today.  Also played was a song about ice fishing.

109th Dist. State Rep. John Kivela (D-Marquette)
109th Dist. State Rep. John Kivela (D-Marquette)

State Representative John Kivela

State Representative John Kivela joined Dan in the studio about half way through the show this morning to talk about how his time so far has been down in Lansing.

The first thing that Kivela mentioned was how the UP caucus has been reformed.  The UP caucus is an informal meeting of all the state legislatures from the UP meet up and talk so that they can work together for the area.  This is important in the UP has many of the issues are non partisan issues in the UP.  An example of Kivela’s working with UP legislatures who are Republican has come quickly as the first bill he co-sponsored was with Republican Ed McBroom.

Kivela has also introduced a bill already in Lansing that will require a prescription for Sudafed. .  The bill is for trying to tackle the meth problem in the state.  He looked to Oregon that has a law similar to the bill and found it to be a solution.  Although there are arguments raised about the extra cost and hassle to get Sudafed for many people, he feels that the cost to society of the epidemic of meth addiction is high that the extra cost and hassle for Sudafed.

Kivela also talked about his routine in Lansing and the committees is got assigned to.  For Kivela he got assigned to three committees which are the Natural Resources Committee, Tourism Committee, and the Criminal Justice Committee.  His routine while down in Lansing is mornings are meeting with the committees and sessions are in the afternoon.

Closing this morning Kivela welcomed anyone in the district to get a hold of him if they have any questions and you can feel free to contact him.


Caller #1 today called in asking Kivela if any work has been done on mental health.  Kivela responded that it’s early still but there has been a lot of talk and something should be seen soon.

Caller #2 asked Kivela about gun laws and his protection of legal gun owners.  Kivela as a gun owner doesn’t want to support bans on weapons.  Kivela also said that although he doesn’t like the idea of assault weapons or 100 round clips, he wouldn’t be for banning them.


  1. When I read the MJ article about the bill Rep. Kivela is introducing for OTC drugs such as sudafed requiring a prescription from one’s physician, I thought we, in the 109th district, may be in for a pleasant change. Perhaps not since another key issue, gun control is not on his agenda. The World Health Organization 2011 report on firearm deaths in 23 high-income countries which include France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Canada, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and the U.S. reveals the gun death statistics are alarming. In one year, there were 7,653 firearm deaths in all the other 22 countries combined and 29,771 deaths in the U.S. from firearms. Since the Newtown massacre on Dec. 14, 2012, there have been 1,200 gun deaths in the United States. How many more children will be massacred?
    For mothers reading, this please take a look at:
    http://onemillionmomsforguncontrol.org. Also take a look at “pro public” where you will learn Congressman Benishek received a $9,900 campaign contribution from the NRA. Perhaps Rep. Kivela is also on the NRA dole. By the way, sudafed was once a prescribed med requiring a prescription. Perhaps Rep. Kivela and his committee need to meet with the big pharmas in the State to approve a bill that doesn’t disenfranchise the patient.


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