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Discussion On Freedom To Work This Morning On InTheRightMind


December 8, 2012-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on InTheRightMind on Sunny 101.9FM was the discussion on the new Freedom To Work law being passed in Michigan.

Freedom To Work

This past week in Michigan Governor Rick Snyder came forward with a plan with the Republicans to pass the Freedom To Work law in the state.  When the governor took office he had been asked on this issue right away, but had decided to pass on working on it as he felt there were other issues to work out first.  Since then, in the last election unions tried to pass Proposal 2 in the state.  After this attempt of overreach by the unions, the Republicans and Governor Snyder decided to go ahead with the law.

The Freedom To Work law, in summary, states that in the private sector employees can join a union voluntarily.  That it is not mandatory for the employees to join a union for any job in the state.

Many are not happy about the law because they feel that it opens new jobs but they are lower in quality and pay.  Also that employee rights and work conditions will deteriorate under the law.  While people in favor see it as a way for more jobs to open up with less restrictions.

This also could be good for unions as well though.  Unions can show their value to employees and keep them, rather than have employees be forced in.  Also with that it could force union leaders to be more faithful to the rank and file.


Caller #1 called in this morning pointing out that both sides between unions and administrations have had unsavory moments.  She hopes that everyone voting had the basic facts and votes of knowledge.  She also mentioned how she felt that local offices (like County Commissioners) need to have term limits.

Caller #2 is part of a union as an Adjunct Professor at NMU, and was a union member before too and is a supporter.  She fears that employers will only hire people who won’t join the union and that could weaken the power of unions.

Caller #3 doesn’t like the Freedom To Work law and feels is an attack on union labor because of Proposal 2.  He also pointed out how it can feel like many representatives are voting out of spite because they were voted out in the election.

Caller #4 this morning called in this morning to congratulate Dan for his tenure as the Republican chair in Marquette County, the caller was happy to see more Republican candidates that have shown up on the ballot since he had taken over.



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